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September 2, 1995

Nicole Arendt


Q. What happened in the first set?

NICOLE ARENDT: She blissed me 6-Love. I was extremely nervous going out, and it showed in my game. I was very erratic. She was consistent and just waited until I made mistakes. That is really all it was. It went very quickly. I mean, I hit the 20-minute mark, I think that was lucky, with the first set. She really -- she was -- she came out; just played steady. I made all the mistakes in the first set. I settled down in the second; started playing my game, was a little tougher, but she played well. She played really well, and I am actually glad she is not retiring. She is such a good player.

Q. Any particular reason why you were so nervous?

NICOLE ARENDT: Yeah, just -- I mean, I am not one that gets -- actually here, I have been playing on stadium grandstand every year except one. So I really guess I shouldn't have a reason, but I think it was just more because there was a chance and when there is a chance and you want to take it and if you are nervous, that means you think you do have a chance, and it got to me a little bit too much. If we had started the second set, I think it would have been a bit different. Maybe if we would have played three out of five, it would have been different, but we don't.

Q. Does it seem like Zina has kind of refound some aggressiveness -- she is aggressive again?

NICOLE ARENDT: Can't hear you.

Q. Do you sense that Zina is really attacking again and she feels real confident?

NICOLE ARENDT: Yes, I played her in July in Team Tennis; she wasn't as aggressive as she was today. I think she has gotten confidence back. She is on top of her game again, and it is tough to beat her when she is playing like this.

Q. When you said you are glad she is not retiring, other than her game, do you have special feelings about that?

NICOLE ARENDT: Yeah, this year I have gotten to know her better because I am on the Board, and when we get to do some business, besides playing, the tennis business, yeah, she is very good for the game. And, you know, I understand why she wanted to retire, but now she is really playing some great tennis, and you don't want to lose that. I think the spectators don't want to lose that. And why go out when you are playing that kind of tennis, so I really am happy for her.

Q. Was it hard to be the first person to play her after that big a win? It was so obvious that that win over Lindsay did so much for her. Did you sort of think why me?

NICOLE ARENDT: Oh, no. This is the best I have done in this Grand Slam. I have always lost first or second round, so, no, I didn't even think that. I am glad I didn't.

Q. The likelihood is that Zina would face Conchita Martina in the NEXT round. What do you think of her chances?

NICOLE ARENDT: Yeah, I think her chances are good. Conchita is tough, so it is -- it will be difficult, especially the high kicking balls that Conchita gives you, I don't think Zina is going to like that very much. But if Zina attacks like she did today, and keeps Conchita off guard and not giving her a lot of rhythm, it could be a good match. It could happen, another upset.

Q. The other day you were discussing the book that you have been studying. You said that you were discussing the three phases that this guy was writing about. I remember one of them was choke and the last one was bull's eye. Which of those three phases you suppose your game was today?

NICOLE ARENDT: Today I had definitely didn't choke. It was more just playing -- executing better. I think I made a lot of easy mistakes. Unforced errors may have been a bit high, but I went after it, so I am pleased. Each match got better for me and yeah, we are getting closer to that bull's eye.

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