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September 2, 1993

Boris Becker


Q. Talk a little bit about the match; just run it right through, first two sets came back in the third rain break so forth and so on.

BORIS BECKER: Well, the first set even though I was up a break, he was playing a little bad on the serve to win it 6-3. Second set was very tight. Both had our chances. And the tiebreaker, I was a bit unfortunate for me on the set point. I played really, you know, good point, he did a couple of corners there. Second set he had me 2-Love and then he, you know, he was off a little bit, I thought. He gave me the chance to come back to the match, and then you know, we hung on 3-All, 4-All; then I heard on the Grand Stand actually game set match, Novacek, and that, you know, being aware that Edberg is out, that gave me just a little bit of a lift. Then when I served at 5-4, I was starting to feel a little better. For some reason when I served at 5-4, state to feel better for some reason at 7-5 before the rain came; then fourth and fifth, I thought I played the whole match the best set probably the fourth set. Was up a break early. I had 3-1 up, broken back. I was feeling pretty relaxed. I saw him on the other side struggling a little bit more. He got a little slower As the match went on and then the fifth set, it is always how the dice roll. I thought though that he got a little slow. He got more tired than I did in the fifth set. That made a difference.

Q. Obviously there is talk about the scheduling. Would you like to comment on the scheduling and what kind of effect it might have on you?

BORIS BECKER: Thanks God I am still in the tournament even though Thursday evening I just finished my first round match. I think it is poor for the tournament to put a guy like Becker Wednesday night when is he already a week before in town and asking the tournament referee on Sunday to put me as early as possible and then I see the schedule and I am on Wednesday evening. I think that is not fair treatment to a guy like Becker, especially since they didn't have any big names on Monday. They had about 10 big names on Tuesday. I thought it was poor scheduling. Have to go out again tomorrow which is going to be tough, but I give it my best shot.

Q. Thank you.

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