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September 3, 1993

Boris Becker


Q. Busy 24 hours, Boris?

BORIS BECKER: Oh, absolutely. What can I tell you? Three days, I have been all day in the place here trying to play some tennis. Finally I could go out yesterday for a couple of hours to get something.

Q. Could you explain the difference between yesterday's match and today's match?

BORIS BECKER: I served better today than I did yesterday. And I had a guy today who likes short points and also the difference was there about three hours of playing.

Q. Coming back, did you feel that your legs would not hold up? Were you at all concerned?

BORIS BECKER: Of course I was a little bit concerned. It was very, very exhausting match yesterday and I just hope that when he had breakpoint at 4-3 in the third set that, you know, somehow I am able to pull it off, and it happened. I did it.

Q. How upset were you with the schedule that you were faced with?

BORIS BECKER: How upset?

Q. With the schedule that you had.

BORIS BECKER: Very - obviously- you can imagine, playing your first round on Thursday, but I don't want to talk too much about it, you know, I have to stick to my serve and my tennis. But the scheduling has been very poor concerning Becker. That is absolutely right.

Q. Have they told you now when you will play again? You will get a day off now?

BORIS BECKER: Actually I am not that sure if I do get a day off with these guys; you never know.

Q. You are playing tonight?

BORIS BECKER: I might play tomorrow night. I am ready for everything.

Q. Boris, I heard you don't want to focus on it. But even if you do get a day off, you have to win five matches in seven days to win this tournament. Have you thought about it?

BORIS BECKER: I am a strong son of a gun. I have done it before and thanks God I have a day off tomorrow, and then, we will see how I can play my third round, you know, so far, I am still in the tournament, and I am happy about it, obviously.

Q. Was there any discussion about you playing at night as opposed to this afternoon?

BORIS BECKER: No. It wasn't any discussion at all.

Q. Would you have preferred more rest or did you want to --

BORIS BECKER: How it turned out, you know, now that I have won in three sets, it is good that I played the afternoon, but I prefer, yes, it is not as hot at night, obviously and you know, but still they put me on third; I played; I won in straight sets. It is perfect right now.

Q. Does it help you at all that Goran lost today, does that --

BORIS BECKER: It didn't concern me much. I have to stick to my matches.

Q. With 7 seeds now having fallen by the way side, and the change, how do you look at the tournament?

BORIS BECKER: It is a very similar answer to his question. I have to see what I can do in my matches and my games and how other, you know, players are playing, it is not my problem. I have to stick with my program and my matches and that is all what I am concerned about.

Q. Boris, are you a player who likes or dislikes the heat, particularly, and how were the conditions for you personally today?

BORIS BECKER: Tell you the truth, I don't think any player likes hot, hot weather, really, but I am pretty fit, so I could play a couple of hours out there.

Q. Boris, Jakob said that he feels you play better when you are tired. Do you agree and if so, how so?

BORIS BECKER: Well, I also play pretty good when I am not that tired. But, of course, I was tired today and I beat him easily, so you know, that speaks for my game today.

Q. Thank you.

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