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September 5, 1993

Boris Becker


Q. Boris, you played three matches in four days and you are playing some pretty good tennis. How do you feel physically, how do you feel the way your tennis game is going?

BORIS BECKER: Well, my first round was a struggle, played over four and a half hours, but then, the last two matches they have been easy for me. I have played just over two hours today and hour and 45 minutes the other day. So from that point of view, it is all right.

Q. Boris, you are the -- overall game the way you are playing?

BORIS BECKER: I am playing serve and volley. That is the game I was trying to play at the beginning. I lost my serve in the last six sets once which happened just a couple of minutes ago, and overall, the serve and volley is working very well.

Q. Boris, you are the only seeded player left in your quarter. What is your reaction to that?

BORIS BECKER: It happened before. The depth in men's tennis is there. You have guys ranked 50 and 60 on a good day can beat the top 10 in the world. That is what happened here.

Q. Did you play as well as you could do or did you let go a little bit?

BORIS BECKER: I was trying to play as good as I can, yeah. I always try. It doesn't happen every time, but --

Q. What is your coaching situation with McEnroe; is he involved in your coaching?

BORIS BECKER: Oh, yeah, he is involved for the past couple of weeks including this tournament.

Q. How long is it going to last; do you know?

BORIS BECKER: So far until this tournament. That is what was talked about.

Q. What is the special challenge of winning here? What makes this tournament difficult to win? What is the special challenge here?

BORIS BECKER: Well, the special challenge is that it is probably the most difficult to win of all four because you know, of different circumstances, I must say, you have the crowd here. You have the heat here. You have noise here. Whereas in the other three, those three things you don't have that much, I would say. And the court evens the game very much, you can serve and volley. You can also stay back and win it from there. I guess those, you know, things make it so difficult here for everybody.

Q. What made you choose John McEnroe to work with after all the other coaches that you have had?

BORIS BECKER: First of all, he is a very good friend of mine. I trust him 100%. He knows about tennis probably more than anybody, and his type of game, you know, serve and volley brought him here four titles. I think that is the way I have to -- that is the way I have to play here. That is what I did for the past couple of matches.

Q. Boris, you have a wide range of interests. If you weren't a tennis player. What do you think you'd like to do in life?

BORIS BECKER: I don't want to answer that question here because it would take too long. I'd like to talk about my tennis. That is really it.

Q. Anything else in English?

BORIS BECKER: About tennis.

Q. Thank you.

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