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September 7, 1993

Boris Becker


Q. Boris, what happened out there tonight?

BORIS BECKER: I lost a tennis match.

Q. Reason why?

BORIS BECKER: Because in the first two sets I didn't play any tennis out there. You know, after one hour and ten minutes, you know, it was -- I was down 3-6, 2-6. I didn't know what happened out there. I thought a train hit me or something. Then I started to rally. I started to play a little better in the third and I started to get back into the match. I even had a chance in the fourth at the beginning 2-Love up at break points for a double break. But he played a good serve and volley point there and then the next game he broke me, and from then on, I guess to come back again from two sets to love down was a little bit too much for me tonight.

Q. When you were up a break in the fourth, 2-Love, did you think you were headed for a fifth set?

BORIS BECKER: I thought I had a chance to go in the fifth set, especially with the breakpoint in the next game.

Q. Boris, are you a little more mad right now or sad?

BORIS BECKER: More mad for having a big chance here, you know, all the so-called top seeds are out and, you know, I had a chance here to go all the way and I blew it.

Q. Did Courier's result make you feel any different about the tournament?


Q. Boris, do you think the concentration of matches, from Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, today had any effect on you?

BORIS BECKER: Probably. I was just talking to my coach and I was trying to find an explanation that I could play -- couldn't play the first two sets like I did today. Probably for -- I was the opposite of being nervous out there at the beginning, you know, and that is not usual, if you are in a fourth round match, at night, you know, in a full house, you are supposed to be very nervous, but I was extremely calm before the match, you know, I have to think about why it was like that.

Q. Can you talk about your coach, any plans about whether you will stick with him?

BORIS BECKER: Coach-- I am here with Eric. John was still in the booth.

Q. What about John?

BORIS BECKER: We just said that we are going to make a couple of tournaments before the Open and the Open. We didn't talk afterwards.

Q. Do you have any thoughts, Boris, on why there has been so many upsets here? Is competition getting closer or just happened in the New York air?

BORIS BECKER: First of all, the level of competition is far greater than, say, five or ten years ago. Ten years ago in the first couple of rounds, you just -- you kind of put players away in the tournament. Whereas now you have to be 100% in the first round. For example, the guy today he served about 25 aces in four sets. He is not known as being a big server. I mean, -- and also the tournament is difficult to play with all the distractions and all. It is, in a way, nice to play here. It is very exciting, but on the other hand, it is also more and more difficult than any other big tournament.

Q. Boris, you said that you weren't nervous beforehand. Are you usually nervous at this stage of a tournament like this?

BORIS BECKER: Of course, I am usually always a little tense, a little nervous, yes, but today I was very calm, almost flat out there.

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