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May 23, 2004

Chad Campbell


TODD BUDNICK: Welcome, Chad Campbell, runner-up of the 2004 Bank of America Colonial. Chad, fifth runner-up of your career. You gave it a great run today. Came up just a hair short. Talk about today.

CHAD CAMPBELL: I felt good going into today and was playing well on the front nine. Didn't make many putts on the front. I had some pretty bad lip-outs, but that's the way it goes. Hit a lot of bad shots on the back nine. And then Steve gave me a chance, bogeying the 17th. Then I hit it right on 17, where it's pretty much dead over there. You can't do anything over there. Making bogey there kind of obviously took my chances away. I hit a good shot on the last hole trying to make it, it was just a little short.

Q. What did you hit on 17 and what happened?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I hit 2-iron and the wind got it and took it right.

Q. You came awfully close to nailing the eagle on 18. Did you think it had a prayer of going in?

CHAD CAMPBELL: First of all, when I hit it left, I don't know what it hit, it had to have hit a tree, but it ended up in the fairway. I do think it had a chance. It was falling a little bit left and just right of the pin. It looked like it had a lot of spin on it. I don't know if it spun back at all. It was a good shot.

Q. With a 61 yesterday, is it hard to keep that momentum going on the final round knowing it's hard to duplicate that the following day?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Right, it is. After you shoot a real low round like that, it's hard to come back. Like I said, I had a good feeling about the day. I warmed up well and had a really good attitude going out there, I just didn't perform on the back nine.

Q. You talked yesterday about the pressure of playing in front of the hometown fans, can you talk about how much pressure you were feeling especially on that back nine today?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really any. I was just happy with the way I was hitting shots. I mis-hit the one on 12 from the middle of the fairway and made bogey there.

And then 13, I was kind of in between clubs there and didn't hit a very solid shot over there. I only had wedge or 9-iron in, hit it to 30 or 40 feet. Didn't execute good shots on the back nine. I don't think anything about the pressure being hometown had anything to do with that. I just didn't perform.

Q. What's your impression of Steve Flesch's performance today and his game in general?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Really solid play. I played with him two weeks ago at Wachovia, and he played really well. We hadn't played that many times together, but he's obviously a really good player and had a great round today, 3-under today. It wasn't easy out there with the wind.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through your card. A birdie on 1.

CHAD CAMPBELL: Driver, 2-iron into the right bunker, hit it out to three feet, made it.

9, hit 3-wood, 8-iron to about 12 feet.

11, driver, 2-iron to the front edge and 2-putted probably 60 feet.

Bogey on 12, hit driver right down the middle, had 9-iron in, left it short in the bunker, and then chipped out to about 10 feet, missed it.

17, 2-iron right on 17 and then just hit 3-iron trying to get it up around the green somewhere and went just in the front green-side bunker and chipped it over the green and chipped it back and made the putt.

18, was driver, 60-degree wedge to about four feet.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Chad.

End of FastScripts.

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