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December 8, 1994

Boris Becker


Q. Boris, Goran said he thought that was probably one of the best matches he ever played against you. Did you think the same the other way around?

BORIS BECKER: Well, he played excellent today. He really, from the first break on, from the first point when he hit the backhand return down my feet to the last point; the way he finished the match with his great forehand pass, he played excellent.

Q. What about your own form; how do you think you played yourself today?

BORIS BECKER: I didn't have a great timing on my serve. I gave him a chance to have a knock on the ball on the returns and it is difficult when you start each set with a break down; he sort of starts to serve, and apart from one game, he didn't give me -- apart from two games, late in the second set, he didn't give me any chance, really, to return back and to get back into the match. And he is the type of guy when he is a break up, he just lets his left arm loose and he serves aces, you know, on the whole court, and that is really difficult to get back with him. He broke me in the first game of each set, and he just played off after that, I sort of played catchup.

Q. Boris, in the past you have talked about how nice it is to have the support of the crowd. When you are not playing that well; when you are getting beaten rather badly, is it more of a hindrance to have that burden of expectation of everybody around you?

BORIS BECKER: I think they were even more surprised than I was how the match went, but, no, after playing so many years in front of many, many people and playing in front of the home crowd, I got used to the fact that they expected me -- they expect me to do well and to win. But, you know, they know that you can have bad days and they know that we have a sport where we never know the outcome and, no, it doesn't affect me at all.

Q. You said the other day, Boris, after your first match you thought it played like a normal indoor court. Most of the other players have suggested it is too quick.

BORIS BECKER: No, I was saying that a couple of years ago we used to play on a supreme. And supreme, after the first couple of matches, it gets quicker as it is being played more, and I was saying that was a normal court how we used to play, but not anymore, obviously.

Q. Would you like to see this tournament played on a slower surface like they had in Frankfurt?

BORIS BECKER: In general, I think quick surface suits my game, but that doesn't mean that I cannot play on the slower. I have showed in Frankfurt and a couple of outdoor events over my career that I am able to play also on the slower surface. Against Goran, I prefer to play on something slower where I can play a bit more tennis. But in general, you know, I -- with my serve, I can adapt to all the courts and, you know, I don't really have a problem which court we are playing. Depends more against the opponents I am playing.

Q. Boris, as the the year is now over for you, can you just briefly sum up how you think '94 has filled your expectations, and what are you expecting from '95?

BORIS BECKER: Well, actually I am quite disappointed how the year went. I really was trying to go for the No. 1 ranking at the beginning of the year. (kiddingly) Do you want me to go on? I have said, obviously, many times now that this year really was great. I started the year being two months out; having so many changes in my private life; and also starting with Nick was a new experience for me, and everybody was kind of open to any; and it has turned out to be one of my greatest years, and I am really proud of it.

Q. The year is over. What about the preparation for next year? Christmas is coming. The new year is coming.

BORIS BECKER: I am not going to talk about next year. I am glad to have a break now and to end this year peacefully.

Q. Nothing about next year?


Q. (interpreter not able to hear question)

BORIS BECKER: I had a bad beginning today. Goran had a very good one; right in the first game. Then I had my chances and opportunities at 2-1 in the first set, three or four breakpoints, served well every time. I had a tiny chance, I thought, to make the point, but then he started really to play tremendously well which also means a lot of aces. But otherwise too, he played very well. He came in and passed from the baseline. The situation was comparable in the second set. First serve -- he took my serve in the first game and then he was great. He was simply tremendous, and I couldn't get back into the match and find the shape I needed. This was mostly due to him. He was really excellent. Didn't give me a chance to get into the match again.

Q. We didn't really hear up in our booth. What happened during this discussion?

BORIS BECKER: I suppose I made a mistake. I don't know exactly what happened.

Q. What about this video replay, does it disturb you?

BORIS BECKER: Yes, it does, enormously because I try and concentrate on the next point; try to forget this one and then five seconds later the people say "ooh" because they see the replay and it comes again and it is twice as difficult to forget about that point.

Q. What about the great shots through the legs?

BORIS BECKER: Well, I was surprised myself. But unfortunately, it wasn't too frequent today.

Q. Something we felt was lacking was this absolute determination. You really didn't want to escape defeat, we thought. When did you really accept your defeat? At what point in time.

BORIS BECKER: Well, you are right. I knew after the break in the second set at the beginning that it was going to be tough, but I thought I had my chance. Only when he broke me for 4-1, I knew that it was going to be terribly hard to win today.

Q. Well, he said he wasn't satisfied with the linesmen today, the umpire?

BORIS BECKER: What about you? I wasn't enthusiastic about them either. No, they all didn't do their job correctly today.

Q. What can be changed?

BORIS BECKER: Well, this is what happens sometimes. I had a bad day. Let them have theirs.

Q. Would you try and depict your emotional shape, Boris? You said "proud." You said "happy." What about you?

BORIS BECKER: Well, yes, I am proud. I am really proud of what I achieved during these twelve months. I didn't think last year that I was going to come back the way I did. I am one of the best tennis players, again, in the world and I hope for the Grand Slam tournaments of next year to be even better than I was this year.

Q. How does one prepare? There is going to be a break within --

BORIS BECKER: I am going to play in Perth, the Hopman Cup, 1st of January, it starts. So I go there the end of this year and have two weeks of preparation for the Australian Open, three exhibitions the week before and then I hope to do well in Melbourne.

Q. Are you going to stay here this week, Boris, to look at some of the matches?

BORIS BECKER: I don't know at this time; no decision taking it.

Q. Are you going to stay in Munich?

BORIS BECKER: Well, isn't that a private matter, isn't it?

Q. Will there be a Christmas tree?

BORIS BECKER: Well, let us wait and see.

Q. (Question about the Davis Cup.)

BORIS BECKER: Well, one or two decisions have been made, but I am not supposed to talk about it. But to wait another few days, really, I am not kidding.

Q. Thank you.

BORIS BECKER: Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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