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December 5, 1995

Boris Becker


Q. Boris Becker, how did you judge your first appearance as the world champion here in Munich?

BORIS BECKER: The first set I played like a world champion. That was also due to the fact that Pioline wasn't used to the conditions here yet. He took more than 30 minutes in order to find his timing. The second he started to raise his play; for his serve, especially - great serves, and I didn't have many opportunities to break his serve. I played quite solidly; waited for my chances and opportunities, and one or two that really came I couldn't take advantage of in the second set, and then towards the end, it was rather tight, I would suppose, in the end. I am happy I made it because it was a tough match, indeed.

Q. Boris, 9-7 in the final set (inaudible) --

BORIS BECKER: It was going through my mind once the battle was on at the beginning of the third set that we had similar matches a couple of months ago where we played a long time, and it seems to be all the time the case whenever Pioline and myself are playing that it has to go, you know, over the normal distance, and luckily I came out on top both times --

Q. (Question inaudible)

BORIS BECKER: I took a couple of breaks this year at a very good time which allows me to play the full schedule. In the summer, I had a few weeks off. In the fall, even though I was injured, those two, three weeks helped me now for the long run; plus, winning the World Championship in Frankfurt makes things just a bit easier at practice all of a sudden. You know, most players have to travel from abroad. It is my home. To play in this tournament I have to take the car here five minutes. I have many friends, and my family here, so there are many reasons why I feel very relaxed and very fresh. I have many friends and I want to show them some good tennis and that is why.

Q. Boris, did you save some energy for the tiebreak in the third, because we had the feeling there was no tiebreaker, but all the energy came out; you must have had some energy stocked for the tiebreaker?

BORIS BECKER: Well, you wouldn't preserve energy. That would only seem to be the case. Even in the second set, I would try and win, but I didn't make it. I was rather surprised at 6-All, the first point being played, that there was no tiebreaker. But he didn't say tiebreak, did he? And Cedric didn't hear. He was surprised to be 15-Love. He seemed to have forgotten. I am glad about this form because they are talking about a lot of money and losing a third set in the tiebreaker could be a pity. One good point to be decisive. I think it is a good decision not to have the tiebreaker here.

Q. You have never got past the quarterfinals here compared with your great record at Frankfurt. Why you do so much better there than here?

BORIS BECKER: I cannot really tell you the answer. I have many reasons why I should play well here, but the first couple of times I didn't play, and in my first year I lost first round to Ferreira and, you know, sometimes you can also get a tough draw. The last two years I had very tough draws with Ferreira and even last year I played first round Ferreira and second round I played Goran, so it is not the easiest of draws. This year, for the first time, I didn't play anybody out of the top 10 in my first round, so I got a break, but hopefully I can improve my matches and my statistics, my record this week.

Q. Boris, two players that are here as alternates, Byron Black has made certain surprises by eliminating Muster, Cedric Pioline almost eliminated you. How do you have to assess these two players, and those who are coming behind, and what about the next opponent, Byron Black?

BORIS BECKER: Our soccer national coach Berti Vogts said there are no alternates. It is true that only 16 are playing here, but remember in all the great tournaments there are so many good players. Two came in because Agassi and Stich are injured, but they are not less good than the others. On a good day, they could beat anybody else. They may not have these great names, but in terms of play, they are excellent players. Black ousted Muster. Pioline gave me a hard job today. It speaks in favor of these two.

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