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September 16, 2004

Chad Campbell

Stewart Cink

Davis Love III

David Toms


Q. Just your general thoughts playing with Chad tomorrow and playing against Darren?

DAVIS LOVE, III: More excited to play with Chad. He's one of the guys on the team that everybody kind of wanted to play with. So it will be fun. I know he's going to be excited, he's hitting it great. And I was hoping to get to play against Darren some this week. So right out of the box playing one of my friends and Miguel and him will make a good team. So we'll have to play well to beat them.

Q. Your thoughts just on the four-ball competition and what's it going to take tomorrow?

DAVIS LOVE, III: We need to come out hot. That's what Hal's been saying all along. We need to get off to a good start. Everybody's been saying that the first few holes and the first couple matches need to get going good. So Hal's relying on the first four of us to get out there and get after it. So we feel like we need to get ahead and for once and not be behind. So try to put all that behind us and just get ahead on the day. Get ahead, not be behind. We have always played from behind, it seems like. So he's putting the guys out there first, putting four solid teams out trying to get ahead. I'm looking forward to it. I'm anxious to start. There's no easy matches. So we know that Chad and I will have to get out there and get after it.

Q. Stewart, just your thoughts playing tomorrow and then playing with Chris in his first Ryder Cup?

STEWART CINK: Yeah, it's fun to play with somebody who has never played in the Ryder Cup before. I remember back to my first Ryder Cup last time with Jim Furyk as my partner. I leaned on him a little bit for--I let him make a few decisions that normally I might try to make. And it's a first time for Chris and we'll have a great time. We have been friends a long time. I love the way he plays and if nothing else I'm looking forward to watching him play tomorrow.

Q. Just some questions. Your thought, first Ryder Cup, playing the second match out and then getting to play with six time Ryder Cup veteran Davis?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Got a veteran as a partner. So that will be good. Just looking forward to it. Know we're going to have a tough match against Darren and Miguel. So we'll just go out and play well.

Q. Your thoughts on the course setting now and playing against Darren and Miguel. What's going to be key tomorrow do you think?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I think the key all week is going to be just making putts on the greens. Leaving yourself uphill putts on the greens so you can be somewhat aggressive. I think that's going to be, to play a big role in the outcome.

Q. Your thoughts on playing tomorrow with Jim and playing against Sergio and Lee.

DAVID TOMS: First of all, playing with Jim is something that I've wanted to do in team competition for awhile now and never had the opportunity. So I look forward to that. We're very compatible, have similar games. I think we'll be a good team. As far as our opponents go, that's a lot of their, the heart of their team, Sergio and Lee Westwood, they have both had good years, good players and have a lot of experience. So it should be a tough match, but I feel like we'll do well.

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