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November 12, 1997

Jonas Bjorkman


Q. Jonas, was that a little disappointing after your great success last week?

JONAS BJORKMAN: Well, definitely could have been a better start. But Yevgeny played some good tennis today. I had to work from behind. I was having a bad start, and I was like second on every point from the beginning. Had to work my way into the match. Unfortunately (sic), I got another break back from the first set. Then I thought I played better in the second set. I had some chances, but I didn't play as good as I've done on the big points today like I've done the last couple weeks. That was typical the way it ended in the tiebreak this time.


Q. Was there some extra pressure that maybe you didn't know you would be feeling?

JONAS BJORKMAN: If there was any pressure?


Q. Yes.

JONAS BJORKMAN: No, not at all. I was not even nervous in the beginning. It was I had a bad rhythm in my strokes. You can't have that against a top player, then you going to be second. So it took me a while to get into the match. But finally I played better and better. Hopefully, to the next match, I can play better on the big points again.


Q. What are you looking for now, to try and stay in the round-robin?

JONAS BJORKMAN: Well, definitely. I mean, if I win tomorrow, then I'm still in the run. So I still have a good chance. That's my goal. Hopefully I'm just - I don't know - I'll have at least a hundred percent concentration during the match. It felt like I was not that focused today, which I was trying to, but it was not the same as it's been the last couple weeks.


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