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November 30, 1997

Jonas Bjorkman


Q. Were you expecting to finish so quickly today? Did you think it would be more of a match?

JONAS BJORKMAN: Well, definitely you always know that it's going to be a tough match. But this is my year. Everything I do is going my way. I was able to play really relaxed today because we already won yesterday. So I just had a good hit on the ball, and everything went pretty good.


Q. What are your next targets?



Q. What are your next targets? What do you plan for next year?

JONAS BJORKMAN: Well, I'm not sure. I haven't been coming that far in my schedule yet. I'm going to have a nice Christmas back home first, have a couple of days off, just relax. Then we see what happens with next year. I'm definitely going to try to work hard and hopefully stay in the Top 10.


Q. You mentioned you will go home for the holidays. Where will it be, Sweden or Monte-Carlo? How will you spend your holidays?

JONAS BJORKMAN: I will be at both places. I will be down in Monte-Carlo for a couple of days, and then I will be down in Vaxjo for my practice before I go off to Australia.


Q. Jonas, Vaxjo is sort of a small city, and yet so many great tennis players, tennis personalities in Sweden come from there, yourself, Mats Wilander, Magnus Larsson, the Captain Hageskog and so on. How do you explain that? What's so special about Vaxjo?

JONAS BJORKMAN: Well, that's maybe the next step for the media, to go down there and see the practice, see the club's organization. I think we have a really good organization in the club. We have a lot of people around who is working hard with the kids. Then definitely a lot of the guys like Larsson and Gunarsson, they've been coming to Vaxjo, they're not born in Vaxjo. Good juniors have been coming to Vaxjo and getting good training and practice. Well, I don't know, it's like a tradition.


Q. Jonas, the lifting of the foot at the end of the match, you explained on Friday, one down, a couple more to go. Is that something we can do a bit more often in regular tournaments?

JONAS BJORKMAN: No. It's a special celebration. This was a final, so that's why it came three times. Normally it's just coming after we've been winning it. I've got -- for the final, it was a little bit more special. It's only coming if I win a title.


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