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January 18, 2006

Chad Campbell


TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through your birdies and eagle.

CHAD CAMPBELL: 12, I hit 9 iron to about three feet.

13, I hit driver, 3 wood in the front bunker and I holed a bunker shot, it was just the green side bunker, I would say probably 30 feet.

18, driver, 3 wood over the green, chipped up to about two feet.

1, driver, 2 iron over to the green. Chipped up to about 12 feet.

3, hit driver, sand wedge to three feet.

5, driver, 8 iron to about ten feet.

7, 7 iron to probably 20 feet.

8 was 3 wood, 4 iron just short of the green, chipped up and the putt was about three feet.

TODD BUDNICK: You took advantage of all four par 5s today. Talk about the importance of that on these courses.

CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's very important, especially out here at Bermuda Dunes. You have a lot of chances to make birdies but you have to take advantage of the par 5s and I was able to do that today.

TODD BUDNICK: The 63 was your best round out here at this tournament but you've had a 64 and a couple of 65s; so you know how to go low out here.

CHAD CAMPBELL: It's just a matter of hitting close and being able to make a few putts. The conditions of these golf courses are perfect. So you really don't have any excuses if you miss a putt. It's perfect, just have to get the ball started on line.

TODD BUDNICK: I know we had you in here yesterday and you talked about some things, talk about the confidence you got from last week's great start at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

CHAD CAMPBELL: It's always nice to get off to a good start. Unfortunately I wasn't able to win, but definitely gave me a lot of confidence going into this week and I think it definitely carried over into today's round.

Q. You shoot a 63 and then see that you're three strokes hype the leader, is that something that you kind of have to expect out here or does it still take you a little aback?

CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, 60 anywhere is a good score, doesn't matter how the course. I guess he was at PGA West, wasn't he, the Palmer Course?

TODD BUDNICK: Yes, he was.

CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, that's a phenomenal round out there. You expect low scores, but don't usually expect a 60. You expect 63s, 64s, 65s, but 60 is a pretty good score.

Q. With a 63 in the first round, can you get too excited in this tournament after one round or two rounds since it's so long?

CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, I don't think so. I mean, it's nice to get off to a good start, but, you know, we have got four more days left and a lot more birdies to be made hopefully.

So can't really get too overwhelmed with the first round, so just got to keep it up throughout the week. You know, it makes it tough; five days, it's tough to keep that pace up. But you have to do it around here.

Q. It's a little bit windy over here at the Classic Club, what were the conditions like over there?

CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, the wind wasn't blowing very much on the first nine holes. The back nine, it started blowing a little bit. I wouldn't give it much over 10 or 15 miles an hour, though. Really nothing to bother you.

Q. Just touching on what you said earlier, can you compare this tournament to any other tournament where you have to be so good for so long?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's different than I think any tournament we play. Obviously being five rounds is different. But you know, like we have a few courses that you can go really low on, and if you catch the Classic Course on a windy day, you know, blowing pretty good out there, even par is not a bad score. I don't know how the scores were over there today, but this tournament is kind of unique in that way. It makes it fun knowing that you have to make a lot of birdies.

TODD BUDNICK: All right, Chad. Thank you very much.

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