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September 3, 1994

Rabka Bobkova


Q. Was there a moment of hope there in that second set, a moment of hope in that second set that something wonderful might happen?

RADKA BOBKOVA: Well, it was 2-Love and then I got a game point for 3-1, so that was a moment. Then I made a mistake and finally it was 2-All, so not really.

Q. Are you pleased; I mean, this was your best performance at a Grand Slam event?


Q. Talk a little bit about how it felt to get that far for you?

RADKA BOBKOVA: It is a good feeling, always is good to feel that something is better and better, last year I lost four times in first round. This year I won on every Grand Slam one round, and here two rounds, so it is nice.

Q. Would you tell us what you think about Steffi Graf?

RADKA BOBKOVA: I think she is an excellent player and she is a little bit different level of play than other players are or like top 100 players are, so --

Q. So do you play her just to see how far you've got to go or how far you have come?

RADKA BOBKOVA: I think it is not such a big difference. I saw before a match and --

Q. It is not the big difference, you thought?

RADKA BOBKOVA: Yeah. In the finish, I was little bit nervous, but then I start to play what I know and it was not so bad, like I saw before, so...

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