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November 16, 1993

Sergi Bruguera


Q. Sergi, Andrei Medvedev just said it was a perfect surface to play on even for somebody playing on the baseline. Would you agree with that?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, I think it is better to play on clay or hard court from baseline. I don't think it is very good to play baseline, because we are both baseliners, and we lost in two sets, so.

Q. Edberg thinks something else, about playing. Edberg plays--

SERGI BRUGUERA: Serve and volley?

Q. Yes.

SERGI BRUGUERA: I don't think he should think the same like Medvedev that he can play from baseline. That is why he was coming all the time.

Q. Because of his style or your style?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Maybe a little bit of both, no? He is better-- is better for him to play coming to the net to me; not to play from baseline.

Q. You weren't here last year, but there was a lot of talk about the fact that the court was a bit too fast; that there was too much of advantage of people serve and volleying. Do you think it is a fair surface even though you are a baseliner and it is more difficult for you? Do you have a chance to win on this surface?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I don't know if it is fair or not. Only thing I know it is very fast, this court and it is difficult to play for the people who are playing from baseline, but it is like this and you have to play with the conditions you have.

Q. Just a general impressions of how Stefan plays, volleying extremely well especially --

SERGI BRUGUERA: He played very, very well on his volley. He was coming in all the time. I played second set very well, the first set maybe was first time I played here and indoors it is difficult for me to get used to, but he was playing very fast, very good and every time the volley was -- definitely, he put it away every time. I don't have a chance for the second shot.

Q. If there is no more questions in English we will go to Spanish.

End of FastScripts....

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