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September 1, 1993

Sergi Bruguera


Q. What happened?


Q. I know. Was he playing better? Were you playing worse?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I think I was very tired -- I was tired because I have been all the week with diarrhea, because the food here is not very good for me. I was very tired, the whole match.

Q. We know that you prefer to play on clay much more than hardcourt; still, is there some embarrassment coming here as the French Open champion and being put out of the first round in a Grand Slam?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, I think all of the good players in my second tournament in all the years that I play on hardcourt, it is difficult for me to play on this surface even when I think I am better than the other player, that I have to fight so much and I can lose on this surface, so it is difficult for me to play on this surface.

Q. Will you ever get to a point where you will want to concentrate more on hardcourts to become a better player?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Yes, of course.

Q. This year? Next year?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Next year, because this year is finished.

Q. Did you tell them you felt ill?


Q. Just this morning, last night, all week?

SERGI BRUGUERA: All week, since I came here to the states.

Q. Could you have even gone five sets?

SERGI BRUGUERA: No. I was very tired at the start.

Q. Is there a cause? I mean, food poisoning or something like that?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I don't know.

Q. Were you being-- did you receive medicine from the USTA or were you receiving any medical assistance from the USTA for your illness?


Q. You didn't tell anybody about them?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I am taking pills for the diarrhea.

Q. Was the heat much of a factor today?

SERGI BRUGUERA: I think so. A little bit.

Q. What do you feel about your chances in a Grand Slam on a surface other than clay; is this something that you feel, well, you think you can win the U.S. Open?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, I have to be in better shape and I think I have to improve a little bit more my serve and my game attack. If I am not playing very good. On clay I can still win, because you have more weapons you can fight. Here, if you are not playing well, the other is attacking every time, everything is going fast and it is much difficult here.

Q. If you had won the first set, do you feel that you could have stayed around long enough to win in three sets?

SERGI BRUGUERA: You win the first set and you are ahead, then you have more confidence and, you know, that if you still winning the match, is going to be short.

Q. Did you feel good enough that you could have played more than three sets or did you know that it would be trouble if you got behind right away?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Well, it was like all the time to make shorter points, to attack and it is much difficult for me to win in this way.

Q. Was it more difficult to play somebody from your own country?

SERGI BRUGUERA: No, because I play so many times, so many players from Spain. I play so many times with him, so I am used to it.

Q. The year ended badly for you, but are you happy with the way things have gone this year?

SERGI BRUGUERA: Very happy. Best year of my life.

Q. Thank you.

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