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August 6, 1997

Gustavo Kuerten


JOE LYNCH: Smaller crowd than last night for you. He does have doubles coming up shortly so this will be a truncated press conference first question after his three-set win over Todd Woodbridge.

Q. Another good day at the office?


Q. Good day.

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Very good. Every time I said, if I win, it is good, it doesn't matter if I play good bad or if the guy play bad. If I can go to the next round and still be alive in the tournament, so it is great. And today I think it was good, I win maybe because I have this final last week, I was confident at important points so it helped me a lot today.

Q. How hard was it for you to come off last night and everything that was surrounding it and playing you know, a little later and then come back and play during the day today?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Last week I got a little bit used to this. Twice I play like that and both time I played three sets and another day in the morning, so, well, I think normally the players are used to -- we know how to handle this. We are prepared for sometimes five sets. So, to play three sets in the evening -- maybe I was a little bit tight or not moving 100% on the court next day, but you can still do a pretty good job.

Q. Talking about last night's match, are you in anyway disappointed that it was a quick one and you would have actually preferred --

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: No, more easier. I don't prefer to play like now. I prefer yesterday's match Czechoslovakia tape.

Q. And especially is that important against him because people talk about him being sort of a frontrunner --


Q. -- And he gets ahead?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yeah, big crowd and everybody watching. Special match for me. Was good to win like that.

JOE LYNCH: Anything else?

Q. Are you feeling good enough that -- I mean, now that you are into the tournament do you feel that you could possibly repeat last week?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yeah, I hope so. I mean, every match is difficult since the beginning and right now it is even more difficult, so -- but I am -- I win two matches already here and get used to the different balls. It is a little bit different here. And, I still in a good shape and not feeling tired. So, I hope just to keep the same way. I think maybe I have a chance to go to final.

JOE LYNCH: Hard court specialist.

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yeah, man. Why not?

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