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August 28, 1997

Gustavo Kuerten

U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, Flushing Meadows, New York, NY

Q. Was that one of your best ever matches on hardcourt?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yes, I think so. I've been playing pretty well last tournaments, been playing match like that. But here was a little bit different. My first match wasn't so good, but my opponent was playing too good and too fast. I couldn't play my best. And today I just feel more comfortable, got more confidence. I wasn't feeling, you know, the first match like you don't know what's going to happen. So I just started feeling great on court. All the shots was going well. I can play solid, aggressive, the way I should play to go far in this tournament.

Q. How do you like playing in New York? Is it a different kind of crowd than you're used to?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Yes. It's nice. A lot of Brazilian people. Like today the court looks a little small for all the crowd that was there. It's pretty nice. The crowd really enjoyed to watch. They are very noisy. If the umpire make a mistake, they goes crazy. It's good to play like that.

Q. At the French, you seemed to be having a great sense of fun. Have things changed since the French because you are a Grand Slam champion and people want to beat you?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Not too much. Like they want to beat me, I want to beat them. It's almost the same. Maybe the people follow me a little bit more, the Brazilian crowd. The fans want to watch me play, so it's nothing too big like a big change. Sometimes my court a little bit full. All the time it's pretty full, so it's nice to play like that.

Q. Is Denielsen worth $35 million?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: I don't know. Always they said one thing and then they come back. It's a long story.

Q. That's the news today, $35 million.

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: It is? Good for him. Good for the team. He's a good player also.

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