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April 22, 1999

Gustavo Kuerten


ATP: Questions, please.

Q. Since when you play someone supposed to be a friend, do you feel you play against him or you play with him?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, I think in the match really don't feel all that comfortable like playing another guy. If you play like me and him, we very close friends. Almost the only Brazilian now playing us two. We very close. It's kind of strange to be there and try to beat the guy, try to do everything to punish him on the court. But that just the way it has to be. If you don't do this, for sure you going to lose. We just go there, very fair match for sure. We have confidence in each other. We finish the match, just keep the same way as good friends we are.

Q. Do you feel like you're building up something that will lead you to Paris?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: No. I think I probably more playing here this tournament, try to have a good week here, try to count points, play well, having fun, you know, just get ready for this. I'm sure I'm going to have much more time to think about Paris and to prepare myself, to practice and all this.

Q. What's your schedule?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Probably Munich, Hamburg, Rome.

Q. Playing Spadea tomorrow. What do you think of the match?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: What do I think about the match?

Q. About Spadea tomorrow.

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Now everybody that gets in quarterfinal, it's because they play well. I'm going to face a very good opponent. Just to try to, you know, enjoy this moment. It's a great place to play. I think it's like a good part of my life to be here and play quarterfinal in this tournament. So for sure I will enjoy a lot tomorrow and try to give my best. If I can win, better. If not, all right, I'm going to be pleased with what I did on the week.

Q. To win in Davis Cup against Corretja and Moya means that you are back to your level of Roland Garros two years ago? It gives you more confidence, you think you can win this tournament? Do you come with the idea that you can win?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: I'm feeling really, really well, feeling my game very solid, my mind relaxed, too. I can easy think about the shots, choose the right shots. I'm playing pretty comfortable on court. That's the most important thing for me. I don't see and I don't compare how I'm playing here last week or last year. I just think that this year so far I've been playing very well. I like the way it's going, you know. Not only playing good tennis, but playing relaxed, having fun, try to take everything for myself. I think I have -- after some wins I needed last week, I'm able to come here and play against everybody. I really think that I had a chance to win, and now even better I'm in quarterfinal already, so it's only a few guys in the field. We just have to wait how it's going to be the end of the week for everyone.

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