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October 16, 2001

Gustavo Kuerten

MODERATOR: Questions for Guga.

Q. What hurts you most at the moment, the fact that you lost four matches in a row or the fact that you were so close today and still couldn't make it?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: I think more this match particular, because I was playing, seeing the opportunity. Just when start third set, seeing how many chance I had passing by, was very much frustrating for me. It's tough - even tougher - because this lose streak, four times now, it's not an easy moment for myself. Makes the approach for the tournaments a little tougher. I have to practice more. I'm not playing as much as I would like to.

Q. Do you think you can turn it around for Sydney? Do you think you're close to getting it right?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: You never know. I think the momentum can change from one day to the other. Could change today for myself if I would have won this match. I got to be well prepared still, try to take it easy. Make myself ready again, try to get motivated for the practice and for the next tournaments.

Q. What do you feel is lacking most now? Is it the confidence at the big moments or is it something else?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: I cannot say pretty much. Of course, my rhythm is not the best as I would like to. As more I play, I'm sure you get much better. The shots are not as clear as, let's say, if I would have play four or five match in a row in these last week. So everything cost me a little bit more. I have to work more, prepare myself even better way, and wait for this to come. Hopefully still this year.

Q. Are you playing a tournament next week?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: I'm not sure. I think I enter in Basel, yes. Going to see now how it's going to be these next days.

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