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January 14, 2003

Gustavo Kuerten


MODERATOR: Questions for Guga.

Q. Q. Were you worried after playing so much last week that maybe playing here, you would be a little bit tired coming out there to play today?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, not really. I mean, for me it's always difficult to find my rhythm in the beginning of the year. I was very satisfied the way I played last week. You know, just got my game going very early in the year, it really never happen. So is the first time. I was thinking much more that side than the tiredness, no time to practice and all this. As you face like Arazi, a tough guy in the first round, it's always tough. It's like a trick, you know, for sure, I didn't have the best practice to play well my first round, but also I come up with a great shots just when I need, just because of winning a couple match last week. So I feel just -- it's a better way, you know, coming with this advantage, but on the other hand having much more confidence in your game. I think the confidence is more important for me than the tiredness that can happen during the tournament.

Q. Q. The blue shirt is sort of the color of the sea. Is this because you're peaceful now and it's very calm?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: It's like the sea, the heaven, too. It's peaceful, quiet. I think it's looking nice, too. I saw in the TV, it's looking very well. I feel myself comfortable. It's bring me luck, too, so far. It's still a good run. So far it's really been helping me. I hope especially the Brazilian guys, they like, too, because the Argentinean guys say it's the Argentina colors. I think they're not really going to care too much about this.

Q. Q. Do you think you have a better chance here or at the US Open for a hard court tournament? Any difference?

GUSTAVO KUERTEN: Well, at least I always get myself playing better at The Open, US Open. But the conditions here are not bad, especially this year. It's not pretty fast. I think I can adapt my game to play well here, too. I just need a couple of matches going through. Now I got to face like a good challenge for me. I never pass over the second round on this tournament. Will be for sure important match to try to win and get myself with better chance. I think as far as I win two matches, I always step up and play better.

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