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November 19, 1992

Jim Courier


Q. Do you think it would have mattered what surface you would have played him on today?

JIM COURIER: Not if he served that well, probably not, no.

Q. How about the rest of it, his whole game in general?

JIM COURIER: He played pretty well, I have to say, yeah.

Q. Jim, how much more consistent is he now from the back of the court than he was, say, a year ago?

JIM COURIER: Well, today he was very good. I haven't really watched him enough lately to know if he has been playing like that recently. He has improved a lot.

Q. Have you been thinking about that net cord a lot?

JIM COURIER: Have I been thinking about it?

Q. Yeah.

JIM COURIER: The one out there, you mean?

Q. Right.

JIM COURIER: Comes and it goes. Some days you get them and some days you don't. I don't sweat them too much.

Q. Goran said he didn't play that well today. Would you agree with that?

JIM COURIER: I think he played -- probably played, probably his worst match of his career today. I played on a slightly lower level.

Q. Any special reason?

JIM COURIER: I am unhappy to be in Frankfurt. I would be playing in Kiev this week, but unfortunately they haven't got the contract signed. Hopefully it will be okay and we will be ready to play. Everyday, you give me the funkiest questions; everyday, consistently.

Q. Was it a boring game for you?

JIM COURIER: I said enough about that yesterday.

Q. Did you mind my question?

JIM COURIER: Fire away, fire away.

Q. How do you feel about your own game at the moment, Jim? You seem to do all the things right and things seem to go wrong, forehand breakdown, occasionally. Is this something sort of you need to take a break to start working on it again or what?

JIM COURIER: No, I haven't taken a break. I am just -- I really-- I am not going to really know how I am hitting the ball until tomorrow when I play Michael, you know, I am going to get hit a lot of balls and we will see where I am. The last four matches I have played have been against big servers, and it is hard to tell how you are really hitting the ball. Am I hitting it the best I have hit it? Definitely not.

Q. Jim, you look at the way you played tonight. How do you want to manage to beat Chang tomorrow?

JIM COURIER: Well, hopefully I am not going to get aced as many times and we are going to have more rallies, and my game is hopefully going to pick up a little bit.

Q. 3 serves from Goran was-- one Love-40 -- Love-40, twice Love-30, but you have no chance to break him. Why?

JIM COURIER: He came up with the goods, when he needed to. He just ripped a couple of serves, and it is tough to compete with a 98 mile an hour second serve in the corner. You know, I am lucky to get a 98 mile an hour first serve in the corner.

Q. It is going to be more difficult for you tomorrow now that Michael has nothing to lose or nothing to gain as well?

JIM COURIER: Well, I think that you know, Michael and I when we play exhibitions against each other are very competitive. I don't think that he is going to have any kind of let-down. It is going to be a difficult match. Neither of us want to lose to the other.

Q. How much would it bother you not to reach the semis here in Frankfurt?

JIM COURIER: Well, you see, there is a double-edged sword there. You definitely want to be playing, but the consolation prize is your year is over, so --

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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