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November 20, 1992

Jim Courier


Q. Jim, you said yesterday that you wouldn't really know how well you were playing 'till you played this match against Michael. Are you reasonably reassured now, particularly after or the --

JIM COURIER: I am happy once we got to around 4-3 or 5-4 in the first set, I finally started to release and go for my shots. And that is really comforting to know that at least it is still there. It is good for the confidence.

Q. Jim is it very difficult to get into a rhythm against a guy who is changing the pace so much?

JIM COURIER: You can say that again. Very difficult. And that is -- everyone is always trying to do something that you don't like. That is the point.

Q. When you say it is comforting that it is still there, were you beginning to doubt it wasn't?

JIM COURIER: I played my last 4 matches. I played Forget, Krajicek, Krajicek, Ivanisevic. It wasn't like I was getting lot of hitting in, so, you wonder if you still can hit some groundstrokes after you played those guys indoors, you know. That is rough.

Q. You are mentally a little tired at this stage?

JIM COURIER: Mentally?

Q. Yes. Physically you played pretty fresh.

JIM COURIER: I am okay. I will be ready to rest after this week is over. I can still -- -- everyone is in the same boat. We have all been playing a lot. Everyone has got to keep going, and you know, tough it out the last couple of days here.

Q. Do you think about-- I know you have said it again and again the last month, but did the No. 1 ranking enter your mind at all into in this match?

JIM COURIER: Not at all. Maybe for the first time in awhile, it didn't. Just went for my shots, and whatever happens, happens, and sometimes I forget that. Coming in here and try to tell you guys that I am not thinking about it, but maybe I am inside; now it is -- you have to fight the battle with it. Everybody is fighting against something and that is just one thing for me to worry about.

Q. Hey, Jim, if there is one aspect of your game that you absolutely have to improve, is there such a thing?

JIM COURIER: Looks like the return serve. Looks like that is going to be the key if guys keep serving like this. You know, the way I have been seeing it.

Q. Jim, what will your preparation be for Davis Cup?

JIM COURIER: I am going to eat a lot of turkey and some stuffing and mash potatoes and visit with my family a little bit.

Q. Yesterday, you said that after reaching the semis you would have also an advantage because the season is over. What is your opinion on this subject?

JIM COURIER: It is a win/win situation. You win the match -- I still don't know if I am in or not. I don't really know how the round robin works, but you know, if you are off, you are off; you take a break and regroup and get better for next year. If you are in, you keep playing, and hopefully go a little bit further in the tournament. It is really -- this tournament is really, what it comes down to everybody wants to win but it is also a reward for playing well all year long.

Q. Thank you, Jim.

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