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September 3, 1993

Jim Courier


Q. Haven't people been asking questions?

JIM COURIER: Bud, you weren't here before and they didn't know what to say.

Q. I bet they did, but they were considerate of you?

JIM COURIER: There were some interesting tennis going on at the time.

Q. How do you feel, Jim, about all these upsets that have been occurring?

JIM COURIER: Well, I think that it is not that shocking really. It is and it isn't, because we are very deep in men's tennis. Upsets are going to happen, and they are happening earlier than usual, but you know, that is the way it is and it doesn't change anything for me, I don't think for anybody else in the tournament; it is still there, it is still going to be-- after this round there will still be 32 good players left.

Q. How uncomfortable is the weather? I know you are very fit, but --

JIM COURIER: I think- don't think the heat was a factor today at all about because it was windy. I think the wind took the heat away. If the wind gets calm, it is awfully humid. That is where the problem is. I don't think the heat is the problem. I think it is the humidity.

Q. As you go through this tournament year after year, are you learning about pacing, spacing or how to face this tournament that everybody says is such a monster?

JIM COURIER: I really don't think there is much really for me to learn. I think that as far as this, it's just a matter of survival, just surviving; that is part of this tournament- easiest part of the tournament for me- is when I step on the court.

Q. How do you survive it?

JIM COURIER: One day at a time: It is not easy.

Q. What is it that is tough to survive?

JIM COURIER: It is tough to deal with a lot of-- it is not really comfortable off-court here; not really comfortable for the players, the locker rooms are bad; the lounge is very crowded, you know, really no where for us to hide and just, you know, little frustrating for me to go out and play on the center court and I go practice and the other courts are totally different than the center and the grandstand. That is really.

Q. Different in quality?

JIM COURIER: Different speed. Different totally. Different quality. They have potholes. I mean, it is pathetic, I think. But you know, luckily I played most of my matches on the show courts, so I don't have to deal with those conditions except in practice, but still, think we would be able to solve that.

Q. Are you in the groove you want to be in now?

JIM COURIER: I definitely think so. I am mentally in the groove. If I am mentally there, then the physical part seems to follow.

Q. Obviously a chance of more upsets but do you get the sense with all the people dropping around you that it is going to come around with you and Pete?

JIM COURIER: To early to get in any kind of sense for me. I don't think I have that much of a feel for the tournament yet.

Q. Boris had a hard time playing three days. Now if he is going to go to the final has to play 6 matches in --

JIM COURIER: It is difficult but it is possible.

Q. With all of the difficulties with the lounge and the courts, whatever, do you tend to feel more comfortable year after year here? Is it always the kind of the same crazy thing?

JIM COURIER: Always kinds of crazy, but you know, it is what it is. It is the U.S. Open, so I am still excited to be here and you know, I am pumped up to play.

Q. Had very little line controversy. Has this changed your thinking about the electronic lines, do you think it is inevitable for the future?

JIM COURIER: I don't know if it is inevitable or not I don't think so. I think the problems that have been shown here pre tournament, I am sure were correctable, but I think that general consensus among the guys is that we prefer to get angry at lines-people instead of computers.

Q. Jim, if you could somehow come through and win this tournament would it be more of a triumph because of all of these things that you just mentioned or because it is the fact that it is the U.S. Open and it is your national championship?

JIM COURIER: Oh, it's the U.S. Open. Like I said, once I am on the court, that is my favorite time here, and the stuff apart from the match doesn't really detract for me. It is bad when I am off the court. Once I am on the court it is our country's championship.

Q. I heard you say on TV just awhile ago that you try not to get very upset. Has being very upset ever cost you an important match?

JIM COURIER: In my earlier days, sure. Yeah. I didn't have any important matches back then, but I thought they were. I thought they were anyway. It is something that still is not easy for me, but I think that I have kind of tried just try and put the mute button on when I am on the court.

Q. In a match like today, do you have trouble maintaining your level of play?

JIM COURIER: No. Not at all.

Q. There was a point in the first set, where on your serve it looked like that you had hit a forehand long and there was a recall of the point; it looked like Joyce almost gave the point back. Do you recall that they called --

JIM COURIER: I actually don't.

Q. There was some obstruction or something?

JIM COURIER: Really? I don't recall that, sorry.

Q. Would you prefer to stay longer out there today a little more tough match?

JIM COURIER: No. Not at all. The quicker the better.

Q. Jim, you said you couldn't learn anything from this tournament. Did you learn something from the way to prepare for this tournament?

JIM COURIER: Well, I think the last two years that I have prepared once I was here I prepared well, but unfortunately the last two years I played a little bit too much coming in. This year at least I am fresh coming in.

Q. You are fresher than 91 and 92?

JIM COURIER: Oh, for sure. I have played much less this summer than I did in the last two.

Q. Have had you a chance been in New York to get together with your friend O'Neill?

JIM COURIER: He was out today and hopefully get a chance to see him in the next couple of days, I wanted to go last night, but -- obviously I had a match.

Q. Have a chance to go over to the stadium at all?

JIM COURIER: Not yet. I am hoping to go the next couple of days.

Q. What about Sofia?

JIM COURIER: She is here. I think she is leaving soon, so I will get a chance.

Q. Spend any time with her?

JIM COURIER: I am going to go see her now. I guess it is kind of news to me, telling me, I saw Barbara and Andre and you and Sofia.

Q. Red heads?

JIM COURIER: I guess so.

Q. Italian to go with the French?

JIM COURIER: I suppose. Got to expand.

Q. Is that all.

End of FastScripts....

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