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September 7, 1993

Jim Courier


Q. Jim what was the main reason why you lost today?

JIM COURIER: Well, Cedric played very well. Pretty simple.

Q. Any one factor? Serve?

JIM COURIER: Not really. No.

Q. He didn't change anything in the way he played against you today?

JIM COURIER: He didn't miss much.

Q. Are you surprised he played so well, Jim?

JIM COURIER: Yeah. It is the best he played against me, but you know he is very talented player. More than capable of you know, beating us top guys. You know, it is too bad he did play well against me. That is what the game is about. You play well, you deserve to win.

Q. Anything in your game which wasn't up to par?

JIM COURIER: Well, I didn't play my best, but I think a lot of that is due to what he was doing.

Q. Jim, on the second serves you seemed to be backing up even more than you were on the first serves. Why was that?

JIM COURIER: I just wasn't returning effectively. So I was just trying to find another way.

Q. Jim, you were stretching and running in place in the second set. Were you tight physically?

JIM COURIER: Just trying to get going. I just wasn't moving too well. Trying to get the blood flow.

Q. Jim, was there a point near the end where you were hoping that maybe his nerve would break and he just wouldn't be able to pull it off?

JIM COURIER: I wasn't hoping that. I was just hoping that I was going to hit some good shots.

Q. Did he play differently against you?

JIM COURIER: No, he asked that question. No, he just didn't miss as much.

Q. In the final game did you think you could still pull it off?

JIM COURIER: Until the match is over I still have a chance.

Q. Can you recall being off as much as you seemed to be; I know he played well but you seemed to hit a lot of unforced errors; were you--

JIM COURIER: Some days you don't--over a two week period you are going to have one match where you don't play your best, and to get through, you know you have to win those matches. Most of the time I do, but today I didn't.

Q. Is there something special in his game that makes him so dangerous or is it all-around game that --

JIM COURIER: He serves well and he plays well from the baseline.

Q. Will you watch the final on television, Jim?

JIM COURIER: Is football going to be on? I don't watch tennis. I play it enough. I don't need to watch it.

Q. His backhand seemed to be particularly effective today.

JIM COURIER: That is his best shot, for sure. But he didn't misses a much on the forehand as he usually does. Usually his forehand breaks down and today it didn't.

Q. He hit an awful a lot of balls in the corners?

JIM COURIER: He played well. You want me to keep repeating it.

Q. When you wake up tomorrow morning, will you be more upset that you are no longer in the U.S. Open with no chance to win it or the fact that you lost one particular match?

JIM COURIER: I don't think I am going to wake up upset tomorrow because I know I did what I could do today; as an athlete that is all you can really ask of yourself. I played the best I could do today. If it wasn't today, there will be others.

Q. If you take a quick look back, anything you could have done differently?

JIM COURIER: Could have won the last points of the match. No. Not really. I tried everything that I could.

Q. What do you think of this year, Jim as a whole?

JIM COURIER: Well, when I finish it I will let you know.

Q. I mean the majors, anyway?

JIM COURIER: Well majors not too bad. Three finals, one win -- any year that I can get at least one win in a major is successful year, I think.

Q. I think you seemed to win most of your tournaments early in the year as opposed to later on in the year. I think you said it is one thing you tried to connect on this year to play well throughout the whole year any reason?

JIM COURIER: I don't really know. I played awfully well in Indianapolis and I felt good coming in. But, you know, hopefully I am going to -- I'll pick it up and play well the rest of the year. I still have about five, six tournaments, so --

Q. What chance -- do you feel you have enough support from the crowd considering he is not an American?

JIM COURIER: Well this is America. Everybody loves the underdog.

Q. What chance would you give your opponent for the rest of the tournament; do you think he has a good chance to get to the final?

JIM COURIER: If he plays like he played today, he has got a good a chance as anybody.

Q. Jim, what is your guess, so many highly seeded players have been knocked out?

JIM COURIER: Well, there is really no reason or rhyme for it. It is just that is the way it has gone so far. Still a few guys left, though. All right?

RICHARD FINN: Anything else?

End of FastScripts....

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