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November 17, 1993

Jim Courier


Q. Would you say you had some problem because of concentration today?

JIM COURIER: No, I think my concentration never been better.

Q. What was the book?

JIM COURIER: Entertainment.

Q. Was it first time you have used that kind of-- first thing you have read on court side?


Q. Tell me what kind of book it was.

JIM COURIER: No. It is my little secret.

Q. What is the theory in reading the book, Jim, what were you trying to --

JIM COURIER: No theory at all.

Q. Were you trying to relax?

JIM COURIER: Just felt like doing it. It is an interesting book. I felt like reading.

Q. You weren't wearing your cap; was it --

JIM COURIER: I left it in the hotel, so, kind of stuck.

Q. What happened with the game with the 4 match points?

JIM COURIER: Well, I didn't win any of them.

Q. Andre felt-- he said he felt that he had a chance after you doublefaulted?

JIM COURIER: He was right. That is all.

Q. How would you describe your state of mind at this point, just in general?

JIM COURIER: I have never been more focused or concentrated. This is the best I have been, and hopefully if I can keep this up I will be in good shape come week's end.

Q. How do you feel about having to play a match which is meaningless for you?

JIM COURIER: I am used to it. I play Davis Cup. They -- always play meaningless matches.

Q. But it will mean a lot for the person you are playing and for the other two people in the group?

JIM COURIER: Well, I will play my best and whatever happens, happens.

Q. Would you feel like you are more concentrated this tournament than you have been in the last month or two?

JIM COURIER: For sure.

Q. This is a breakthrough, this tournament?

JIM COURIER: Most concentrated I have been all year.

Q. And the results don't disappoint you in a sense?

JIM COURIER: I am doing everything I can. Things haven't been going my way, but you know, I am doing what is necessary out there.

Q. Because like when we watched you play your best tennis in Australia and the French you really focused; you don't have much talk back and forth with anybody. Pretty much into your match?

JIM COURIER: Different kind of concentration out there. Different types, but no, I felt pretty good out there.

Q. That is not essential for you to be on your game for you to be focused and inside yourself?

JIM COURIER: Being inward doesn't have anything much to do with my focus. I can focus in many different ways.

Q. There were no answers yet.


Q. She said last question. I said, there were no answers yet.

JIM COURIER: Oh, okay.

End of FastScripts....

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