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November 19, 1993

Jim Courier


Q. Another season is over?


Q. You need some dark shades in here?

JIM COURIER: Another season is over, yeah.

Q. How do you feel about the way things ended?

JIM COURIER: I am glad it is over. Time to go home.

Q. Will you take six weeks off?

JIM COURIER: Yeah. I have no tournaments for six weeks.

Q. Is it possible to describe the frustrations you have had this week in coming to the year-end tournament and losing three matches?

JIM COURIER: It is not fun to lose 3 matches. But, in a positive way looking at them, I am glad that I made it though this event, and I had a good first half of this year, disappointing second half, but overall, when you say you at the beginning of the year you are going to win one Grand Slam or two Grand Slam finals, you know, I will take that for the next ten years. I will sign up for that right now; sign up for the six months of frustration, too.

Q. Jose was quoted as saying that the middle of the night training session you had on Wednesday night, Thursday morning was one of the most productive for three months; did you feel that way?

JIM COURIER: It was something that needed to be done, yeah. What is with the flash, guys? Are you afraid you are never going to see me again?

Q. No baseball cap. Jim, what did you change in your way to prepare the year in order to be better all year long; you had a very good start of the year the last three years --


Q. -- I thought the U.S. Open, you don't play as well as you used to play at the beginning. Can you change something?

JIM COURIER: I don't really know. I am not sure why it happens like that. I don't know if it is biorhythms or just blind luck or if I just get tired or what. I am not really sure. I mean, really, you know, my problems didn't -- I don't really think that my problems started until after the U.S. Open. I mean, okay, I wasn't playing great at the U.S. Open, but mentally I was 100% there and I kind of been fading in and out like a television picture for about the last five tournaments, so I really -- I think I had nine mentally good months this year, and about two little shakier, but I don't know what I can do differently. But you know, I will figure it out one of these years.

Q. Jose felt it was like losing the final of the French, losing Wimbledon was a little bit of a blow to maybe your confidence; kind of took a toll as the year progressed; do you think that is true?

JIM COURIER: It was very tough losing those matches, for sure. But it is-- there are many things along the way that scar you, you know, on and off the court, and you know, you just have to kind of grow with those and get over the humps and, you know, I have had some big hurdles to try and clear this year and I haven't been able to quite do it this second half. I did it okay the first half, so you know, got to make do.

Q. You mean hurdles in terms of playing tennis or life?

JIM COURIER: Basically tennis. My life is great. I have had lots of ups and lots of downs and it is -- you have to learn to balance that out. I have never had so many pictures in a press conference before.

Q. You are coming back, aren't you?


Q. Is balancing it a difficult part of your job?

JIM COURIER: I wouldn't say it is the most difficult part, but it is one of the things that I enjoy the least. I would say. It is maybe not as hard as getting up and training everyday, but because it is not something that I face everyday, but it is not something that I am entirely pleased about. I always have said I'd rather be rich than famous, but --

Q. It is nice to have the option.

JIM COURIER: Yeah. And I do not have that option. I can't get my anonymity back right now.

Q. What is the price of the book?

JIM COURIER: What is the price --

Q. Of the book?

JIM COURIER: I can afford it.

Q. What did you think of Michael's serve?

JIM COURIER: Pretty nice second, is better than mine sometimes: All right, guys.

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