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March 16, 1994

Jim Courier


Q. Jim, would it be fair to say that playing against Goran is an interesting experience?

JIM COURIER: It always is. Never really know what to expect. I mean, he's kind of got the cards in his hand with that serve, you know, you just have to wait and see where they fall.

Q. Jim, you play Pete in the next round, obviously. You guys have a long history as friends and rivals. Would you say that you respect him more than anybody else or where would you put --

JIM COURIER: No, I wouldn't want to put it that way. I wouldn't want to downgrade the other guys, I respect everybody equally really.

Q. Where would you put Pete in that?

JIM COURIER: With everybody else.

Q. You really don't feel any kind of -- he was --

JIM COURIER: I mean, Pete is a great player; he is a great guy, but I don't want to downgrade the other guys, you know, too.

Q. Well, he was saying that playing you brings it to a new level for him.

JIM COURIER: Yeah, it does for him.

Q. You don't feel that way?

JIM COURIER: Not yet, not lately.

Q. You had one of your best match since the Australia Open today or --

JIM COURIER: Yes, I played well. I felt good. I really saw the ball well tonight. Sometimes you see the ball better than others, I was hitting the ball on the strings cleanly whenever it was within reach.

Q. Is it a question of concentration to see the ball like that or --

JIM COURIER: The question of eyesight, sometimes.

Q. Jim, what are you going to have to do to beat Pete tomorrow -- the day after tomorrow?

JIM COURIER: Just win the last point and that will take care of it.

Q. You feel this surface gives you better chance of -- against Pete or --

JIM COURIER: I like this surface. I think it is a good surface.

Q. You compare it to the Australian?

JIM COURIER: I like that surface, too.

Q. There -- when he has those one point or two point fly-off-the-handle spells, does it affect you one way or the other?

JIM COURIER: No. I mean, like I said, you can't really count on anything from Goran one way or the other; good or bad. Even if he flies off the handle he's just liable to pick up and serve three aces in a row.

Q. Which he did today, actually.

JIM COURIER: Yeah, he could do it, so there is no reason to get your hopes up if he starts throwing his racket around.

Q. When you play players like Goran, do you feel you have -- you're more able than him to concentrate longer time on what you're doing?

JIM COURIER: Well, I think that, you know, there are times when I feel like I'm mentally stronger than he is, but still, his game is -- he has so much firepower that, you know, the edge can quickly be nullified if I'm not sharp. I have to basically come out and play, you know, well every time, can't take anything for granted.

Q. Jim, is it possible Pete may be playing as well at the beginning of this year as you were at the beginning of last?

JIM COURIER: No, that's for you guys to decide.

Q. Are you eager to play him tomorrow, on Friday?

JIM COURIER: I'm very eager to play him tomorrow, yeah, practice day.

Q. How about on Friday?

JIM COURIER: Sure, I'm excited. I played well tonight so I got -- I'm feeling good, ready to go.

Q. There is really --

JIM COURIER: Right now I'm eager to get out of here.

Q. Is it something we've said or done?

JIM COURIER: It's late, I've played four days in a row now. Last question.

Q. You seem to say there is nothing special to play Pete, Pete is a player you would like to beat maybe more than the others?

JIM COURIER: Sure, I haven't beaten him in a long time. It is time for me to beat him again. I'll be ready. Just because I say it's nothing special, I'll be ready.

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