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April 20, 1994

Jim Courier


Q. You had a great start, but Arrese seems to be a guy that never dies.

JIM COURIER: I knew he was -- I knew he was never going to, sitting at 60-30, going, "hey, this match is just getting started." I mean, doesn't matter if it is 5-0; he is still going to be doing the same thing. I am going to have to keep playing well. And no, I knew that, and I kept, you know, kept going, and I missed a few more shots towards the end, but I got the job done, so --

Q. Are you happy the way it is starting to develop, the way you have been playing?

JIM COURIER: I am very happy.

Q. What, in particular, do you feel?

JIM COURIER: I don't know, I really don't know. It is hard to say. For some reason, just in Nice, even before I started playing well, it is funny how you just feel something good is coming, and I feel something good is coming, and I don't know if it is, you know, if it's going to be on the court, off the court - I don't know - but I am really happy, so, you know, life is good. Usually that translates into good tennis for me. It is unusual I am happy that you guys know, so I am trying to take advantage of it.

Q. Were you surprised with Andre's result last night, or do you think he perhaps should have come over earlier like you did?

JIM COURIER: Well, when did he arrive?

Q. Friday, I think it was.

JIM COURIER: That is pretty early, I think, if you are playing on Tuesday.

Q. Maybe compete in another tournament in another tournament.

JIM COURIER: He has been in Asia; hasn't he? I think he has a different schedule than I have, and Kafelnikov is tough. I played him last week. I beat him 3 and 2 and it was very tough, 3 and 2. That guy is a very talented young player. I am not surprised that Andre lost. I mean, the guy is-- particularly on the clay, it is tough, every match, no matter what the score is, you have to work your butt, that is all. He is good.

Q. Jim, do you still expect Andre to be a major contender in Paris?

JIM COURIER: I think he is is a contender anywhere he plays, sure. Certainly did it before and I am sure he can do it again.

Q. What did you say to Arrese at the end of the match?

JIM COURIER: I just asked him if he was feeling okay because I saw the trainers on the court. Something was wrong with him in here (indicating), so --

Q. Apart from the obvious ones like yourself, do you think even more possible people could create havoc in Paris this year?

JIM COURIER: "Create havoc" is a good word. There are are tons of guys that could create havoc. Really, I don't think there is more than a big handful that can win the tournament, but there is a basket full of guys that can create havoc, yeah. Seems like it is getting more and more. I don't know what their feeding them in Spain, but I am going to go over there and get some of that food. Maybe Jose can find something out for me.

Q. How about Jose or Brad, how does hit feel to not have any coach around?

JIM COURIER: It is different, let us put it that way. It is a little bit more of a responsibility for me, but I think I am a pretty big boy; I can handle it. It is actually good for me - good for me to be over here and you know, I am pretty comfortable in this city. I can get around pretty good, and, you know, I think it is just-- it has been-- I haven't been by myself at a tournament in over three and a half years. I was either with a family member or girlfriend or somebody at a tournament, so -- if they weren't there, so it has been a long time and it is -- I don't mind. I think I am old enough to make sure I get to bed on time and don't eat the wrong things; don't drink the wrong things and don't chase too many people around late at night. So it is okay.

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