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August 15, 1995

Jim Courier


Q. You fight back to get up a break there and then you lose it back. What happened from there?

JIM COURIER: Well, it was just a couple of points here or there. Obviously I didn't play a good game when I served for the match and I kind of paid the price for that. I just didn't take advantage of my chances. I mean, I had some. I just didn't take advantage of them.

Q. It seemed like he just kept -- did he just gamble or he just started playing much, much better? Seemed like --

JIM COURIER: I have never seen him play before. I don't really have any idea of how he normally plays.

Q. Did you try to find out much about him before?

JIM COURIER: I mean, you ask about him to guys that have played him. Until you get on the court, you really don't know what to expect too much.

Q. Talk about how he played; especially during the tiebreaker?

JIM COURIER: I just played a bad breaker. He didn't have to do anything. I just made mistakes.

Q. For a long time, a long stretch there, neither one of you could break the other one --


Q. Felt like --

JIM COURIER: The balls are fast. It is fast conditions. I am not really used to the balls yet. I have gone from Penn balls to Wilson balls back to Penn balls back to Wilson balls, you know, I mean, pretty logical stuff from the Tour, as usual. It is hard to get used to balls. The Penn balls are very heavy. These balls are very light, You know, just another reason that there should be one ball that we are playing with. I mean, it is kind of hard to get used to in two days, basically.

Q. Is this something that comes up in like player meetings?

JIM COURIER: I don't know. I don't go to player meetings. Is that it?

Q. You have had a lot of success in this tournament. Second year in a row disappointing result. Contrast how you feel today compared to last year?

JIM COURIER: Well, I am not ready to retire. That is good. I had my chances today. Didn't get them and, you know, keep going, figure it out.

Q. Did he play well?

JIM COURIER: You got to ask him. Like I said, I have no idea how he normally plays.

Q. Jim, were the conditions out there much of a factor in today's match for yourself?

JIM COURIER: Well, I was in better shape than he was at the end of the match, I thought. He looked like he was struggling at the end. I felt fine, but I just couldn't control the ball. It is kind of hard to play when you are just trying to get the ball on the court.

Q. Would it be fair to assume that you'd like to play the summer hard court circuit with the ball that is going to be at the U.S. Open?

JIM COURIER: That would be fair to assume, yeah, but that is far too logical for the game to organize.

GREG SHARKO: Anything else for Jim?

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