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August 29, 1995

Jim Courier


Q. Strong serving down the stretch?

JIM COURIER: Yeah, I found my serve at the end. Pretty happy about that.

Q. Got to like this late night crowd?

JIM COURIER: Yeah, they are real relaxed.

Q. Jim, this guy has been on a very hot streak lately?


Q. And this has not been the greatest summer for you. Is this a particularly gratifying win?

JIM COURIER: I am glad to get it under my belt. For sure, I played him in Cincinnati and beat him 7-5, 6-2. So I felt pretty comfortable against him, but I knew he played well in Indianapolis. I knew it would be a tough match. I was ready for it, and I am real happy with the way that I lifted my game and at the end I served real big at from about the second game I served in the third set, for fourth set, rather I started serving real big. That was something that was missing earlier and then my game falls into place.

Q. Can you tell in pretournament practice sessions how you are going to play?

JIM COURIER: Well, it's a good indicator, but I am not much of a practice player. You know, I can lose to my mom in practice and go out and play great in a match. I have never been a good practice player. You know, for me, it is more just doing the right thing and being ready to play.

Q. Has this year fallen into any kind of pattern that you could describe?

JIM COURIER: Not really. Not really.

Q. Kind of strained in a way?

JIM COURIER: No, I mean, that is the way life should be. Always interesting.

Q. People get the feeling I think from your new relax attitude or at least outwardly relaxed that you care less about tennis. Can you talk about that?

JIM COURIER: No, that is not the case at all. You know, I am here. That means that I care. I can do a lot of other things rather than be here if I didn't care, but this is what I choose to do and it kind of chooses me. It is a natural thing for me. I am happy to be here.

Q. Was your game particularly better tonight than it has been in some of matches --

JIM COURIER: That is probably -- the last bit there probably is about the best I played in a long time out there. In the finish of the match, that is about the best I have played in a while. So I am happy with that.

Q. Getting good depth on the ball?

JIM COURIER: Ripping the ball. It is good. Feeling good.

Q. What can you do about when you give up the forehand side to the inside out, what do you do with a player that could hit good backhands down the line?

JIM COURIER: Make sure you hit it hard enough that he doesn't get a good look at it. He weill hit it off -- if I hit it hard, he will hit it hard down the line. I still think that is a low percentage shot.

Q. You wear the hat even in the nighttime. You just get used to wearing a hat?

JIM COURIER: I sweat a lot - if you haven't noticed. When I don't wear the hat, you know, I don't wear it in practice, but then I am constantly wiping and it is just a mess and these hats have sweat kind of bands inside them, so -- and I don't look real good with a bandana.

Q. Do you have to look good?

JIM COURIER: Well, I will say I am not comfortable with a bandana. My dad wouldn't let me. He wouldn't like that too much either. Dade City people don't wear bandanas too much.

Q. You are not Dade City anymore. Fisher Island.

JIM COURIER: Fisher Island, lots of people wear bandanas.

Q. Good win.


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