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September 1, 1995

Jim Courier


Q. Jim, do you have a sense of excitement about the way you are playing that you are weary of talking about with the media when you come off a couple of matches like this?

JIM COURIER: That I am weary of talking about?

Q. Not wanting to be too public about how you are feeling about it?

JIM COURIER: I feel like I am playing well. And that it's a day-to-day thing. Hopefully, I am going to continue to play well. There is certainly no reason to go trumpeting two wins. If I get further into the tournament then I am sure that people will be aware of it.

Q. Two wins, but not ever lost a set not really struggling?

JIM COURIER: Lost a set to Karbacher, but he is a good player, so that is okay.

Q. But you finished him?


Q. Question about college. You have not had a college experience.


Q. Have you thought about it much or was it something you thought about at the age of 18?

JIM COURIER: Well, I took college actually my senior year of high school. I took college math at a junior college just because I was done with all the math in high school, so, you know, I don't really have any college experience. I wouldn't consider that much, but I kind of got a taste of what it is like, and obviously most of my friends went to college, so I would go and visit them. I know a little bit of what their experiences were like, and I think that I have learned as much as they learned in college in different ways. Just by kind of living on the Tour, living, travelling the world and seeing a lot of different things and experience. I have a lot of real business world experience just because I have met a lot of people and I have to do a lot of public speaking and deal with people all the time. And I think that is priceless education itself. So I think I feel pretty good about where I am as far as education goes.

Q. It is unrealistic to think that some day when your career is over you might want to?

JIM COURIER: No, I don't think so. I am a curious person by nature and my curiosity might lead me back to formal education, I don't know yet.

Q. What would be your particular interest?

JIM COURIER: Something in probably mathematics, financial area. Business is pretty interesting to me, and foreign languages also, but I really -- that is...

Q. Down the road?

JIM COURIER: Down the road.

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