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September 7, 1995

Jim Courier


Q. You were given a code violation for swearing, were you swearing in Spanish or French?

JIM COURIER: In Spanish. I didn't realize that there were so many bilingual people, but ---


Q. Have we witnessed the renaissance?

JIM COURIER: I am ramping up right now, so I don't know what a renaissance --

Q. Renaissance of Courier.

JIM COURIER: My game started to come along. It is ramping up at the right time. It is good.

Q. Jim, we saw a lot of backhands down the line out of you today which we don't see a lot of times. Is that an indication of the confidence level you are feeling right now?

JIM COURIER: That and also that is what I needed to do against Michael because he was hanging in the backhand corner. So, you know, got to try and exploit the opening, and that is what I tried to do.

Q. Jim, in that tiebreaker, I guess, it was first set, I think it was 5-4, hit too amazing --

JIM COURIER: Ping-pong point?

Q. Yeah, yeah, that must have --

JIM COURIER: That was pretty good, good timing. I just got lucky. I guessed right twice in a row and, you know, got my racket on both of them and that was a big point, big turning point.

Q. Jim, if you say that your game is coming along, it is revving up, where was it in the past; did it go away from you?

JIM COURIER: Well, I mean, obviously, my results have been sporadic this year. I have had a few tournament wins and a few first round exits so I haven't been, you know, as consistent as I would like to be. But, you know, I feel like I am hitting the ball very well right now and, you know, I am going to try and continue to keep playing like this, you know, through the end of the year, for sure.

Q. Did you expect this coming in, Jim, this tournament, did you feel like your game was --

JIM COURIER: I didn't expect it in the middle of the summer, but the week of practice before I could feel it starting to come, I didn't know if it would come. But I thought that if it didn't come here, it was, you know, not far around the corner.

Q. When was the last time it felt this good?

JIM COURIER: Probably down in Australia. I felt pretty good down there. I mean, I think I am playing better now, but I had a good run.

Q. The way you finished up against Karbacher in the first round, was that the one that really tipped you off that I could be in this tournament?

JIM COURIER: If I don't come out and play well, I am in Florida on the beach in that match. That guy is a good player, and I knew I would have to play well. And I knew that was a perfect match for me because it got my attention right away. And I had to be there, you know, otherwise like I said, I would have been gone. So the draw worked out fairly well for me.

Q. Playing Pete, Jim, talk about that, I mean, --

JIM COURIER: I think we are fairly familiar with each other's games.

Q. Do you have to win that match for you to consider this a good tournament for you?

JIM COURIER: I think this tournament has been a good tournament just on the standpoint on how I am hitting the ball and hopefully I will win that match. If I don't, I'd still consider this a big step in the right direction.

Q. Quarterfinals of the Australian entering in your mind?

JIM COURIER: That is long ways away.

Q. Sampras match.

JIM COURIER: That is a long time ago, good match, and hopefully we will produce a match of that quality again.

Q. How about last year when you had such an early exit. Were you really burned out last year a little bit? You seemed to be sort of "I need a break?"

JIM COURIER: I was, yeah. I came back and I tried to play and I played here I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to have been, but I wanted to play in any case. And, you know, when you are not prepared at a top level tournament, you are probably not going to do that well.

Q. How hard is it to keep plugging? Obviously you have been very successful now. Did you ever maybe consider last year, like I have had such great success you have so many other interests, did you ever consider walking away even at an early age?

JIM COURIER: No, I don't think so. You know, I have seen so many guys that walk away when they are 24, 25, 26 and even if you walk away just for a few months, you know, and if you say that you are going to stop and you put the rackets away, I think it is that mental thing that you come back; it is never the same.

Q. Like a Wilander maybe?

JIM COURIER: Even McEnroe took the hiatus; he was never quite the same and he had good results afterwards, but he was never, you know, razor sharp like before and I don't think that you can afford to do that mentally I don't think you can let go. Because once you let go, I think it is gone. So I have never reached that point. I have reached points plenty of times where I say okay, step back, I need about a month; get home in my own bed and I think that is natural due to the, you know, the year-round schedule that we keep and I think that everyone needs that particularly me the way that I train. My weeks off aren't weeks off, so I am training harder than I am at tournaments, so...

Q. Is that why there are so few guys like Connors, guys that play well into their late '30s because it takes so much energy to stay on top and really make the effort?

JIM COURIER: Yeah, it is a big drain and also I think in your '30s people physically start to breakdown as well as mentally; just want to be home; most guys have families at that point and you just don't want to leave your kids, I mean, it is not the way to raise a family.

Q. You said on the television, Jim, that this was a good sign; you were playing well and you were using your head. Can you explain what you mean when you said using your head out there?

JIM COURIER: I played the big points well. When I do that, that means that I am sharp at the top.

Q. Most of people expected four or five sets. When Michael doublefaulted, were you like momentarily stunned that it was over?

JIM COURIER: No, not really. He doublefaulted quite a few times.

Q. But only went three sets.

JIM COURIER: Three sets in three hours, that is enough.

Q. The gamesmanship between you and Michael tonight seemed particularly out there. You said it goes back a long way?

JIM COURIER: We always have -- Michael is always trying to do whatever it takes to win and he thought that I wasn't ready to receive his serve and he is looking at me and he hasn't bounced the ball to get ready. I am standing right there on the baseline. He can serve it at any time, but that is when you are playing the Changer, you better be prepared.

Q. Who are you saluting behind the baseline?

JIM COURIER: Just people in my box.

Q. Parents here?


End of FastScripts....

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