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November 15, 1995

Jim Courier


JIM COURIER: He played better than I did today, simple, you know, I didn't have much fire on my shots today and I am going to need to somehow strike a spark tomorrow and get it going because today I was really flat and cannot afford to do that; particularly here. To play well each day, it is not a ranking consideration.

Q. What do you expect to see in Moscow beside apart from --

JIM COURIER: Lots of ice. I haven't been to Moscow so I don't really know what to expect. I am just looking forward to it. Wish I did know, but that is something I am going to have to work on tomorrow. I just didn't have any spark in my feet and in my shots. It is tough for me to play when I am being run around the court and I am not dictating, so, I will have to figure that out. Light a fire under my butt and get going.

Q. How do you feel playing Frankfurt again?

JIM COURIER: I feel obviously not great today. But the court is good and the stadium is nice, so it is nice, a nice place to play.

Q. So by now, who would be on the Davis Cup team, would it be Agassi, Sampras and you?

JIM COURIER: At the moment, the team is Andre, Pete, myself, and Todd Martin. But I don't think that that has been finalized yet, obviously, with Andre's injury. So we don't really know who is playing what. We have no idea at this point. We are kind of up in the air.

Q. A special doubles team or --

JIM COURIER: We really don't know. Sorry.

Q. Well, about Russia you know that there is only ice there. What do you know about the Russian players, what can you say about them?

JIM COURIER: Well, I have played against Yevgeny and Andrei and I suppose Alex is on the team as well and they are all very fine players and they have had a very successful run in the Davis Cup for the last few years and it is a very good effort there. Their last match against Germany was very dramatic.

Q. Did you watch it?


Q. Did you watch Chesnokov against Stich?

JIM COURIER: I did. That is what the Davis Cup is all about. It was really thrilling. I sure hope nothing like that happens when we are there.

Q. Your attitude is great today even if you lost. You should have heard Muster, he is so different compared to you. Do you know him better?

JIM COURIER: Do I know him?

Q. Do you know him, how he is?

JIM COURIER: We all have our days when we lose, let us put it that way. Losing is not the best thing to happen.

Q. But you still sound like a winner?

JIM COURIER: Well, I have got two matches to play and there is no reason to hang my head. Being sorry for myself is not going to help me win tomorrow. So....

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