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November 16, 1995

Jim Courier


Q. He is one of the toughest guys on the Tour, Thomas, and one of the favorites, you never lost to him in the last five years.

JIM COURIER: Well, as you could see, the match wasn't very easy. So, that doesn't make -- I certainly don't feel overconfident going on the court with Thomas, but I think that our games match up fairly well for me and if I play well, I think I have a good chance to win.

Q. He said that he is already in preparation for 1996 with his training and stuff. How about you; what is...

JIM COURIER: Well, I still have a little bit of tennis to play in 1995, so I am not going to worry about that for the moment. Once I get finished with this year, then I will commence for preparations for 1996.

Q. What did you do to get more pumped than yesterday? Thomas, he is very easy to get aggressive.

JIM COURIER: I just got more pumped, period. I wasn't as pumped as I needed to be yesterday, and I just forced myself.

Q. Do you think they will shorten the calendar so that you will have a little bit of time off?

JIM COURIER: It is really -- it's a tricky question. I think it would be beneficial to all of us, but on the other hand, you have tournament directors that have their livelihoods and if you take those weeks away, you know, then they are on the street, so to speak, or looking to make a special event. You know, I certainly have thoughts in my head of what would be ideal for the schedule, but once again, it is not such a simple cut and dry thing. These tournament directors own the rights to those weeks, and there would have to be some type of compensation involved in order to shorten the calendar a good three weeks which, I think, would be about right if we could get the season over three weeks earlier just to give ourselves, you know, six weeks off - six solid weeks with nothing on the calendar - you know, if you want it, go play the Grand Slam Cup during that time, great; go do it. If you want to play another special event, great. But there is nothing with any ranking significance, so, I think that is necessary for us to maintain sanity, but obviously.... That is the short version.

Q. There is conflicting forces there so, it probably won't happen you are saying?

JIM COURIER: It is not going to happen next year, I can promise you that. The calendar is already set and it is about money - big surprise.

Q. Thomas Muster next year is in the running for No. 1. What about him and what do you expect yourself to --

JIM COURIER: I hope for myself. One can't say what is going to happen with Thomas. He has had such a fantastic run this year. We don't how he'll respond.

Q. He said he would switch from clay court tournaments to another surface to play bigger indoor tournaments, for example?


Q. Give him a chance --

JIM COURIER: I think if Pete is playing well and Andre is playing well, I think it is going to be difficult for him to attain No. 1; if those guys slip, obviously he has got a lot of points on the computer starting on the clay court season, he has got an opportunity to pick up points between now and then.

Q. And yourself?

JIM COURIER: I got a long way to go before I get into that race.

Q. Not too many points --

JIM COURIER: I just hope to keep playing well and, you know, obviously stay healthy and be ready to go come January 1 to go hard all year.

Q. Your match with Michael Chang tomorrow.

JIM COURIER: Great. It is just a quarterfinal match for Michael and I. Winner is in; loser is out - that is what we are used to.

Q. You enjoy that kind of match more than the Round Robin matches?

JIM COURIER: I like to have my destiny in my own hands. I don't really like going out there playing thinking, well, I can win this match, but if someone else wins a set; then I am out, that is a little tricky.

Q. For example, tonight if Pete loses in two sets to Wayne Ferreira it would put Becker out.

JIM COURIER: It puts Becker out?

Q. Yeah.

JIM COURIER: (TWISTING HEAD FROM SIDE TO SIDE IN DISBELIEF.) Can you bet on these matches? See, that is not going to ent -- I don't even know if Pete has any idea about that. I would doubt it. And I can promise you that for 90 grand Pete is going to be trying. Boy that silenced them, huh?

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