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November 17, 1995

Jim Courier


Q. Never seemed to find your rhythm on the forehand at all, pressure?

JIM COURIER: I didn't really find much rhythm today. You know, that is unfortunate, but that is the way she rumbled today.

Q. Did you feel fresh, psychologically, in the match today?

JIM COURIER: Yeah, I felt pretty good going onto the court, but just -- I think, I was a little maybe a quarter step slower. It's a big difference, for sure.

Q. We all said that Michael Chang has improved his game. How good is he at the net right now?

JIM COURIER: He is better than he used to be, for sure. He is pretty good.

Q. What time is that flight?

JIM COURIER: 5:30. Gotta pack. I gotta pack.

Q. What is your schedule before you go to Moscow?

JIM COURIER: My schedule. I am going back home and trying to get an extra day by leaving tonight. Just get some rest; have some fun and be ready to go to Moscow.

Q. Any word from Andre about his injury situation?

JIM COURIER: I haven't spoken to he or Gully. I haven't heard. I would suspect by mid-week we will know.

Q. Disappointed by the way this went, happy to be here or what?

JIM COURIER: Well, obviously I wish I was in the semifinals, but from where I started U.S. Open, I am pretty pleased with the way this fall has gone for me, and I -- hopefully we will use it as a big stepping stone to do better next year. Okay?

Q. Jim, easy put-away at the net that you blew. How depressing was that in a long run?

JIM COURIER: Not at all. I missed shots that were just as easy as that and they just weren't as impressively as easy as that, but I was ready to play the next point and whatever. We have to learn to deal with those kind of things.

Q. You earned prize money one million. Do you exactly know what happened with this money?

JIM COURIER: Do I know what happens with this money?

Q. Yeah, what you earn.

JIM COURIER: What kind of a question is that?

Q. Probably has something to do with Graf not knowing where her money went.

JIM COURIER: I am very aware of where my money is. I pay my taxes on time. And I can't live in Monte Carlo. I would recommend that she move there; so I am stuck paying taxes in America, that is okay. You know, I got a good passport.

Q. All money managed by IMG?

JIM COURIER: By me, period. End of the story. Thanks, guys.

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