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September 12, 1993

Amanda Coetzer

Ines Gorrochategui


Q. How did it feel playing Stadium Court for the first time?

AMANDA COETZER: Different, because it felt it was exciting, I think.


Q. Any serve I nervousness because of that?

INES GORROCHATEGUI: Yeah, I think we start to play very nervous. We didn't play so good today, but I think we have a great job in this tournament and I hope next year we are going to win the tournament.

Q. You have been playing together, what, about a year and a half now?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, Ines was injured for a few months. But we started last year.

Q. What makes you a good team, I mean, are there things that each of you do that makes the team better?

AMANDA COETZER: I think our games just really compliment each other and I think one of the main reasons why we have done well in the past is we support each other. We always -- even though we are in trouble we have been behind in matches, we don't get discouraged. We just try to support each other.

Q. How did you guys come to play together?

AMANDA COETZER: It was just by accident. We were in a little tournament in Italy and I never really played much doubles before that and Ines came up to me, neither of us had a partner. She asked if I wanted to play. We ended up winning that tournament and since then we have played.

Q. Do you work directly with Dennis Van Der Meer?


Q. He is mostly known as a teacher of recreational players. How is he working for you; is he a good coach for you?

AMANDA COETZER: Well, if you look back at his record he has got people like Billy Jean King. It is most I had the last few years that he has concentrated more on teaching tennis teachers and adults, but, I mean, he knows the game so well. He has been involved in it for so many years. I feel really, really fortunate to be coached by him.

Q. Thank you.

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