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November 15, 1993

Amanda Coetzer


Q. Amanda, is this the highest ranking player you've beaten?

AMANDA COETZER: No, I beat Arantxa in Tokyo just a few months ago and she was ranked second, I think, two.

Q. Do you think you're playing on a level now where you can beat any of the top players?

AMANDA COETZER: I think on a good day, yes.

Q. What was going on in the first two sets?

AMANDA COETZER: I think Mary Joe came out just making many errors and I played pretty well, I thought. And then in the second set she just completely turned the game around. I remember being up I think 40-Love on one of the service games and at the last game she came back and that really gave her momentum and she played really, really aggressively and I tried to do the same in the third trying to serve a little more aggressively.

Q. It looks like you might play Steffi in the next rounds and you obviously lost to her last week, is there anything you're going to try to change compared with last week; any different approaches?

AMANDA COETZER: I think just my mental approach will be a little bit different because I have a better idea of how she plays now, that was only the second time I played her ever, so I think the main thing will be I'll go out there and try and have fun, because, you know, I have nothing to lose.

Q. Amanda, a couple weeks ago you said this has been an incentive for you all year to play here and you were worried about being overwhelmed. What was it like being out there?

AMANDA COETZER: It's be really nice. I really enjoyed it. The crowd really gets into the match and it's been-- I really enjoyed it. It wasn't overwhelming I can just say I had a feeling of fun and enjoyment.

Q. You looked really good on the court today; who's been your coach for the last year?

AMANDA COETZER: It's Dennis and Pat VanderMeer and they've helped me tremendously. My game has really been turned around.

Q. What is different about your game now?

AMANDA COETZER: I think everything is just a little bit better, I won't say there is one big improvement but I think on all levels my ground strokes my volleys last month Dennis really worked on my serve and I think that really has improved and they give me a lot of-- they motivate me and I really enjoy working with them.

Q. You played Mary Joe three times before, did you feel that she was as strong as she's been in the past or was she a little rusty?

AMANDA COETZER: I think she really has changed her game quite a bit in the last few months. She's been working on playing more aggressively. When I played her before, I remember her being really steady and just kind of waiting for you to make errors, but now she really goes out there and she goes for shots.

Q. When you were down, after you won the first set 6-1 and Mary Joe comes back 6-1, what are you thinking at that point?

AMANDA COETZER: I think I was just trying to concentrate on trying to take the ball a little bit earlier and not to be so much on the defense, trying just to push her back a little bit further, earlier than she would do that to me.

Q. In that third set, if you lost the game with the triple break situation; did you think that that may have been the one chance you had to win this thing or did your mind say, I'll get that chance again?

AMANDA COETZER: I think it really would have affected me like it did in the second set, because then I would have felt a little bit more pressure on my serve, I might have felt a little bit upset, but hopefully I would have been able to put it out of my mind. I think that's the right away, but you never know.

Q. What did that award mean to you?

AMANDA COETZER: It's really like I said, it's really been a goal for me to come here and being both in singles and doubles is really nice for me. It's a great way to end the year.

Q. Do you think the surface affected your opponent today?

AMANDA COETZER: I think she's been playing on this surface for three weeks now. She played in Oakland and Philadelphia and this week. I don't think it's been a disadvantage for either of us. I think once you get used to it is a nice surface to play on.

Q. Thank you.

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