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September 5, 1994

Amanda Coetzer


Q. Did you use more spin today?

AMANDA COETZER: No, I played a lot of topspin, that is my normal game. I didn't really use extra spin.

Q. What was your strategy today?

AMANDA COETZER: It was an important match and just competed very well on every point. I expected her to run down a lot of balls and I was just trying to play very consistent, but also aggressive.

Q. Japanese women players are now developing; do you hear something special for them?

AMANDA COETZER: I think they are all good competitors and they all have pretty good groundstrokes and, yeah, they are all coming -- they are all doing very well, I think, Date, Shawamatsu....

Q. Your next opponent?

AMANDA COETZER: I think just the same things, I will try and be consistent, but also aggressive and put some pressure on Graf.

Q. Did you play her already?

AMANDA COETZER: I played her earlier this year in Indian Wells.

Q. Are you working harder this year on your game than you have in the past?

AMANDA COETZER: No. I wouldn't say I am trying -- I think things are just coming together a lot more this year. I am getting a lot more confidence on what I worked on the year before, so it is just coming together, I think.

Q. Are the girls hitting the ball harder now than even a year ago?

AMANDA COETZER: I think the younger girls, definitely, and the game is becoming a lot faster than it used to be, but I think it is-- kind of, can't swing itself out because people are learning to handle it a lot more than maybe they did two years, two, three years ago.

Q. Are you making any changes in your game at all or do you foresee any changes in your game?

AMANDA COETZER: In my game in the faster -- you mean in that context?

Q. Right.

AMANDA COETZER: I think it is just my strokes are becoming maybe a little bit more compact than it used to be before and I am trying to play on faster surfaces a little bit more just to get used to that kind of pace and just trying to come into the net a little bit more.

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