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March 30, 1995

Amanda Coetzer


AMY CONLEY: Okay. Start the questions please.

Q. Amanda, what happened in that game that you had 3-1 and then that happened with Arantxa's ankle and then you were still in that game and after that game was over you won it --

AMANDA COETZER: I mean, I came out when she fell down and I turned around and I was looking away when she fell down and in my mind was I won the game and after the long delay we came out and I saw the ball goes out and I took the balls and I thought I was starting off a new game and I lost that point and she called out Arantxa Sanchez and I thought to myself, you know, is that right? And I wasn't even -- it crossed my mind maybe it was 3-1 and her advantage and I didn't know and I ended up playing that point and lost it and then I realized, you know, that that's not what the score was.

Q. Both of you served in that fifth game. You served two points and she finished off --

AMANDA COETZER: Well, the umpire called the score wrong. She called 2-1 advantage Sanchez.

Q. Well, both of you served in that same game, right?

AMANDA COETZER: Apparently that's the rule, if they called out the score wrong no point is played and that's why she had to start over.

Q. So it was you who had to correct her? She never realized that --

AMANDA COETZER: I think she realized that because, you know, there was a lot of confusion and after the game was over after she called the game again or, you know, I hesitated and I stopped and I walked up to her and then she realized.

Q. Have you ever had that happen before? I mean you won the game and then you lost it.

AMANDA COETZER: Well, I still won the game.

Q. Yeah, I know, but have you ever had that happen?

AMANDA COETZER: No, it's never happened.

Q. Did you think that she was down and out when you started all over?

AMANDA COETZER: No, I really never saw her fall and, you know, it was a pretty critical stage and I just wanted to concentrate and keep my mind on what I had to do.

Q. Did some of the power of her serves surprise you in the third set that they were 100 mile-an-hour serves?

AMANDA COETZER: No, not really.

Q. That has to be an awfully frustrating match for you. She has the flu, she goes over, you had leads, and all of a sudden -- I mean --

AMANDA COETZER: I think it's just things you have to deal with and if you are going to be bothered by somethings like that, some players are going to do it again, you know, you just have to block it out.

Q. First set, tiebreaker you had about six unforced errors on your forehand, what happened then, you just tried to go for too much?

AMANDA COETZER: I was just, you know -- I was a little tight with the score being up and then getting 5-All and then being up again and getting back to the tiebreaker I was just thinking I want to loosen up my arm and start swinging a little bit because I was holding back a lot and I wasn't hitting out and unfortunately, you know, I sacrificed a few points there.

Q. You had good success coming to the net today. Is that something you decided during the match or you planned on doing that coming into the match?

AMANDA COETZER: Well, I just feel like I find myself in the position to come in a lot more because I'm hitting the ball a lot better from behind so I can, you know, I can force it a little bit more and see the openings.

Q. High balls on your points are a trouble with you, is that normal? You netted a lot of balls.

AMANDA COETZER: I mean, it's just getting used to it and I'm hitting the ball a little bit different and I just need to go out and work on it and make sure I can manage because it's not -- you know, if you keep your arm relaxed and you hit out it's not such a --

Q. After Arantxa got hurt did she seem to be moving a bit different to you?

AMANDA COETZER: No, I wasn't aware of anything. I wasn't really thinking about it at all.

Q. Did you try to play to her bad ankle though?

AMANDA COETZER: I never really thought about it.

Q. In the first set up to your 5-3 lead in your serve and you were very aggressive, won a lot of points, but when you served 5-3 you got noticeably conservative, was that consciously on your part not to go to the net, not to hit out?

AMANDA COETZER: It's a little bit of both, it's also, you know, she changes her game quite a bit and she got down and she was hitting the ball deeper and a little higher and it's just tough to keep on hitting them.

Q. Amanda, I'm sorry you said a little earlier that if you let these things that players do bother you, then it's no good. Are you in any way suggesting that she wasn't as badly hurt?

AMANDA COETZER: No. I mean, I'm just saying you can't be bothered by something, you know, going for take a break to change her shirt. If you get bothered by things like that, players know it. You know, so I try not to let it bother me.

Q. Because Arantxa is sort of known for playing out things.

AMANDA COETZER: Well, you said it.

Q. I can't quote it.

AMANDA COETZER: Exactly, I won't say it. No, I mean I -- you know, from what I heard it was a bad fall. I didn't see her fall because I turned around, I thought the point was over and I saw she was down.

Q. Do you think this is the kind of match you need to get up in the top ten?

AMANDA COETZER: Definitely. I think this is a crucial match for me. It would have done a lot for my confidence if I could have pulled that out. I've just got to go back to the drawing board and work on my next tournament.

Q. You feel like you let it slip away and you had a real good shot at it today?

AMANDA COETZER: I wouldn't say so much slip away, but there are definitely things that I learned from this match, you know. She lifted up her game a little bit and I got a little tentative and I just need to learn to play when I'm hitting to have confidence in playing my game.

Q. Is she one of those players that no matter what you try or what you do she doesn't seem like she'll ever go away?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, she's known for that. That's what I expected when you go out there.

Q. Where are you playing next?

AMANDA COETZER: Amelia Island. After that we have Fed Cup in France and then Barcelona.

AMY CONLEY: Anything else? Great, thanks.

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