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November 14, 1995

Amanda Coetzer


Q. Amanda, what was different this time to the last two occasions you've played her?

AMANDA COETZER: Just, I think, completely different environment, different surface and, you know, obviously, I think she's had a few more matches under her belt. And I think she's a little more confident than when I played her last time.

Q. Was there any bearing on the fact that you really got your confirmation that you were in the tournament, not that much before the start of play?

AMANDA COETZER: Not really. I think, no, I definitely couldn't prepare for this tournament. It was a bit of a surprise. I didn't get to know I was in until the very last minute, Friday. So I just kind of came into this tournament feeling happy to be here and just a good mentality to see what happens.

Q. In the first set you had her at triple breakpoint to get right back in the match, what happened there?

AMANDA COETZER: I definitely, you know, I think I was a little bit too aware of the score at that moment when I went for a couple of shots. And I just tried to go for big shots and not thinking, really concentrating on the ball.

Q. Was that hard for you to shake at all? It seemed like after the points in the game, after that, that you were kind of upset about having lost that and you weren't quite yourself?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, with Steffi you don't get many opportunities. And I knew that that will give her quite a bit of confidence winning that game. So I was a little bit upset. But I kept on trying and hoping that I might get another chance.

Q. Do you prefer to play the No. 1 ranked player at this stage or is later better?

AMANDA COETZER: It's debatable. I wish it was the finals that I play her in, but unfortunately, it wasn't. But I think, you know, I think they are a little bit more vulnerable in the first couple of rounds. But I think had I played a few more matches, I might have played better, as well. So I think it's a debatable question.

Q. Can you tell us where, specifically, the different surface influenced this match?

AMANDA COETZER: How the surface influenced it?

Q. Because the two matches before you played on hard court.

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, I think, you know, the ball stays really low. And I think if you have a good slice that is a big advantage. But, you know, some ways I think, you know, Steffi likes it if the ball sits up a little. So it's just indoors and different environment, Madison Square Garden. I think that all, you know, adds to the environment.

Q. Does Steffi put pressure on a person because she's such a fine athlete, besides a technician?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, I think so. She's very quick and if you give her any weak shot that she'll be right on top of it and probably you can expect a winner off of it. It's a lot on your mind. You feel like you constantly have to make good shots.

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