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September 1, 1996

Amanda Coetzer


Q. Can you just talk about how you played today, your evaluation of the way you played?

AMANDA COETZER: I felt I played really well. I think I was hitting the ball as well as I could have. Just, you know, it's a big match for me. I just felt that I had to fight a little bit of anxiety, just try and stay calm, especially on my service games, just play every ball.

Q. You've had success here before. You've made the quarters here. This will be the furthest you've advanced again, correct?


Q. You play Seles next. I wonder how you approach a match like that. How do you prepare for a Monica Seles?

AMANDA COETZER: I'm really looking forward to the match. I haven't played her since Canada last year. I'm just going to go out and do my best. I still feel like I'm playing some of my best tennis. If she's playing really well, there's not a lot I can do. I'm really going to look for my chances.

Q. What was your result in Canada the last time you played?


Q. Can you learn anything from a match like that?

AMANDA COETZER: I think so. The way Monica plays, I learned a lot from it. I felt that I was in the points, but somehow she just ended up winning the game. I don't feel too discouraged.

Q. Mentally is there a way that you're not intimidated once you step onto the court? How do you sort of overcome the fact that it's Seles, she's the No. 2, and the last time you faced her it was O and 1?

AMANDA COETZER: Really just concentrate on my own game, concentrate on the ball, concentrate on making every hit, try not to think too much everything surrounding it.

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