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November 20, 1996

Amanda Coetzer


Q. Can you make a general comment about the game?

AMANDA COETZER: Just a general comment? I felt very disappointed, obviously, to walk away with the loss. But I felt Novotna played really well. She was confident and I felt like the first set was really, really close and just a few points here and there could have made quite a difference. And the second set, three points just went a little too quick, she lifted her game a little and just played too well for a few games.

Q. What were your hopes after learning she won the last three tournaments?

AMANDA COETZER: I try not to really think about the outcome of the match. I've been concentrating hard to just focus on my own game and focus on one thing at a time and focus, because I felt like I've been hitting the ball really well and I've been practicing really well, compared to my last few tournaments. So myself I felt really confident. But anybody in this draw could have been tough. I just wanted to concentrate on my own game.

Q. Do you have the impression that Jana's game has improved within recent months?

AMANDA COETZER: I think so. I can't really say from tonight's match because I haven't really played on Supreme that much, but I've watched her all year and I think she definitely has improved her game. She did well on all the surfaces, on clay, and everything. So I really -- I think she's really worked on her game and I give her respect for that.

Q. There was a discussion here the last day, we asked some players what they think about the number of tournaments that should be played during the year. Do you think you play too much?

AMANDA COETZER: Me at the moment?

Q. Generally.

AMANDA COETZER: People next year?

Q. Yes.

AMANDA COETZER: Well, I think it really depends from player to player. I've been one of the players that have been playing the most for the last two years, just because I think it's good for my game to play a lot. Compared to somebody like Steffi I play maybe three, maybe four matches a week, where somebody like her plays seven or something. So for me I've played between 22, 23 tournaments. So it's something that I'm used to and that I like personally. But I think it's something that's tough to maintain over a long period of time. I think it's going to be tough for players to have a long career and we'll just have to see how it works next year to really evaluate how good it is.

Q. It might be good for your game, but are you sure it's good for your body?

AMANDA COETZER: I don't know. It's been two years right now that I've played a lot and I have to admit that I've put in a lot of work off the court just to prepare myself physically, because when I started working with Gavin Hopper, it's one of the things that we set out to do is to play a certain amount of matches per year, something about 70 to 80 matches a year. And we did the work beforehand to prepare myself physically and I've really been lucky not having had any injuries. So it's debatable, I think.

Q. But you think it's tough for players like Gaby or Kimiko, age 26 retiring, 11 months a year to play and just one for just rest?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, I think there's been a lot of talk about a little bit of a shortened season, and I think that would go down really well, maybe have -- play until the end of October or something. They've talked about that. And I think that would give players the chance to just reorganize themselves, maybe work on their game. But I think definitely it really depends on the player. Somebody like me, as well, I have to work pretty hard in every match I play. And some people win matches easier. So it's something that's very debatable at the moment.

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