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July 31, 1999

Mark Calcavecchia


JAMES CRAMER: Terry Conlon of the Jaycees would like to take over right now. As you know, Mark Calcavecchia made a hole-in-one earlier today, and he's about to be presented with a nice Rolex watch. Terry?

TERRY CONLON: On behalf of the Canon Greater Hartford Open and Lux, Bond and Green our great hole-in-one sponsor on the 5th hole, we'd like to present this Rolex watch to you. Congratulations.

MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Thank you, sir, it's beautiful. Could be the highlight of my year; 80th on the money list or whatever I am. I hit it just terrible the first four holes; didn't get a good shot. Just got up there and fired. I knew it was downwind. I hit a 4-iron 218. It turned out it was just one of those things; it was a perfect shot. It was a big thrill, and it's always exciting to do that. I missed a couple of short putts, and I'm like, well, I guess I did hole out a 4-iron. I can't complain too much. I'd like to thank the Jaycees and Canon and everybody here at Hartford and Lux, Bond and Green. I just love coming here and playing. I've see that sign up there quite a few years in a row; so, I'm glad I was the one to get it. Anyway, it's a big thrill, and thanks very much. (Applause.)

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