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March 24, 1999

Amanda Coetzer


BROOKE LAWER: Questions for Amanda.

Q. You went out and gave it a thrash, Amanda. Where did it let you down, do you think?

AMANDA COETZER: I think just a couple points would have made a difference. I had some points. I broke her a few times. I felt like I had the upper hand just for a short period in that first set. One lucky shot where she hit the net on a dropshot and it just dropped over. A few chances in the first set. Not much in the second, obviously.

Q. What is the word about her in the ladies' locker room at the moment? It does appear she's made an immense improvement in a short space of time.

AMANDA COETZER: To be honest with you, I wish I knew more about the word in the locker room. I haven't really heard much.

Q. It was your first match against her, wasn't it?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah. She's obviously been on a roll. She's I think won how many matches in a row now? Something like 15 or 16 matches. She's definitely confident. I think that showed tonight. At the important points, she played just a little bit more, with a little bit more confidence. My level dropped a little in that first set, I think, when I needed it.

Q. You've had some great wins, though, Steffi in Germany last year. What is so good about this girl that she can beat you with a Love set?

AMANDA COETZER: I think she served well tonight. She competes well. She moves really well. She's very consistent, I thought. She does have weapons. I felt like if I could probably play a little bit better, make a few less errors, I could be in the match with her.

Q. She's the hottest player on the Tour at the moment. Is she the best, do you think?

AMANDA COETZER: It's really hard to make a judgment from just one match. It's the first match I've ever played against her. I didn't really push her tonight, so I didn't really get to have a good look at her. I think, obviously, she has some great competitors at the moment I think going for that same title. I would single out Martina, Lindsay could play well any moment, Venus I think is a threat. It's really hard for me to say that she's the best player at the moment.

Q. It would?

AMANDA COETZER: I couldn't say that.

Q. You couldn't?


Q. You broke her three times. Nobody's done that did tournament.

AMANDA COETZER: I felt pretty comfortable returning her serves.

Q. Was that something you discussed with Nigel?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, to some extent.

Q. Does she intimidate?

AMANDA COETZER: No, not that much.

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