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November 16, 1999

Amanda Coetzer


Q. Amanda, took you a while getting started?

AMANDA COETZER: I actually thought that I never really had a chance in the service game, she was serving so well. She was winning her service games. I just think she played a flawless set. I felt like -- I've seen her come out and start really sharp early on. I don't often start really sharp, but I never had a chance. I felt like I played pretty well.

Q. How do you explain you beat her four times in a row, but then not since 1997 -- what is there in her game that you don't like?

AMANDA COETZER: I just think she's playing a lot better. She's playing with a lot of confidence. She's done great over the last two years, and, you know, I guess she must be enjoying herself.

Q. That's not your case?

AMANDA COETZER: I've been playing pretty well. I've had -- with the exception of a couple results, I've had a great year. I think it's just been so obvious she's been on a roll. I'm not taking anything away from me by saying that she's -- she's on a confidence roll.

Q. What was different in the second set that made it so much tighter?

AMANDA COETZER: Well, I had a chance on the service games. I was able to break her a few times. You know, she just stopped hitting that many aces in the second set. She started to miss a few of her first serves, and I had a chance.

Q. Where do you put this surface on your preference list?

AMANDA COETZER: I wouldn't put it real high. I feel like I could -- I could do some damage on the surface, but it's a bit more risky for me because there are players that can come out and hit a bunch of winners. I don't count myself out of this at all, but, you know, it's dangerous.

Q. Do you find it difficult adjusting coming from one tournament to another?

AMANDA COETZER: On this specific court or any surface?

Q. Is it toughest to adjust to an indoor surface, and why?

AMANDA COETZER: It's debateable. I think clay sometimes could be very frustrating because you think you hit a winner and you don't. You have to work really hard for your points. Again, clay you have time; whereas, on the faster surfaces, time is taken away from you, and you just have to change your mindset a little. I think for me, it's probably more difficult to change my mind set and get into that aggressive mode. Once you find it, it's great, but it's not easy to get it.

Q. So is it tougher for you to get into an aggressive modes on a faster surface?

AMANDA COETZER: Especially in the case that I've been in the last few weeks, I didn't -- I don't have the matches to back up my confidence, playing against a few players that have played really well, and it's hard to play really aggressive if you don't have confidence. Whereas, on the slower surfaces, you can work your way into matches a little bit more.

Q. You always play well coming into this tournament, but you haven't been successful. Is it the level of competition or the time of year that you have trouble with here, do you think?

AMANDA COETZER: I think probably just the level of competition. A little bit the fact that it's a fast, indoor surface, which I feel like I'm getting better and better. It's probably not my best surface. You know, I have been so lucky with -- physically, I've never had to deal with injuries at this time of year. A lot of players come into this tournament feeling really tired and often just injured a lot of times and I've never really had that. It's something to be grateful for.

Q. Is it more difficult with more and more power, the Mary Pierces, the Lindsays, the Williams sisters, everybody is coming out with bigger and bigger shots, not just Steffi with her forehand?

AMANDA COETZER: Ground strokes these days are just getting really big. Not only that, they are pretty consistent. In the past, the people that hit big, you knew that if they were that consistent, they would probably break down at some point. They were either really confident or they break down. But yeah, it is more difficult. With the Williams sisters, they have added another factor. They are so athletic and they move so well; where in the past, I felt like the bigger hitters weren't as mobile. They can do serve-and-volley, and it's a different new dimension in the game of women's tennis.

Q. In her (Nathalie Tauziat) personal history, because she grew up in France, you would think she would typically play on clay, but she has remade herself as a very competent attacking serve-and-volley player . Are there any other women who have made themselves over that way?

AMANDA COETZER: I have to say I disagree with you because I've always considered her on a faster surface. If I had to even -- when I first came on the Tour, which is 10, 12 years ago, if I had to pick a surface, I would have picked a slower surface to play. I think she has great hands and good feel at the net and she's -- I think she's actually improved her ground strokes over the last few years, and actually become more consistent from the back. That's my opinion.

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