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August 25, 2000

Amanda Coetzer


Q. (Inaudible)?

AMANDA COETZER: As to what, difference between winning and losing? I think obviously the main thing is the serve. I felt pretty competitive off the ground today. It's just, you know, the first couple shots of each rally she's so good at. She serves a great serve, and she sets herself up for the next shot. She normally gets an easy return, if it's not a winner. Yeah, I think that was the main thing. I felt pretty good on my service games this evening, I didn't feel like I got hurt that much. I would say just the difference is 115 mile-an-hour first serve and about a 78 mile-an-hour first serve.

Q. How did you think you did overall tonight?

AMANDA COETZER: I felt pretty competitive. I felt it was -- you know, I felt I had a few opportunities, definitely a little easier than when I played in San Diego. She gave me a few more opportunities this evening.

Q. Is the margin of error playing against her really small?

AMANDA COETZER: Yeah, I mean, she hits the ball so close to the lines, but then, on the other hand, you know, if you just drop the ball a little bit short, point's basically over. You know, if you just give a little bit of an opportunity, there's not a lot you can do about it.

Q. When she's playing that well, does it almost force you to change your game, or do you just try to stay with what you do best?

AMANDA COETZER: I think that's just a couple shots, especially in the first set. I felt like I made a few errors. I think I probably had more opportunities first set than I did in the second. It was 6-3 in the first, just because I felt like I changed my game little bit. I was overreacting a little bit instead of trying to stay in the point. I tried to go for a shot really early on, because she rushes you.

Q. What would Monica Seles have to do to beat her tomorrow?

AMANDA COETZER: I think Monica can put more pressure on her with her serve, and also Monica has a great return. And you know, I think Monica has the ability to put pressure on her opponent right off the first shot, which is not really my game, and I think that's what hurt me tonight. My game is more to work my way into the point. I think that will help Monica, if she can really put Venus under pressure early on in the rally.

Q. When you beat Venus earlier, what did you (inaudible) like she just wasn't playing as well. You were able to put more pressure on her?

AMANDA COETZER: The fact is that was a first match after a long lay off, also on clay. So you have a little more time. I just remember, you know, I was able to stay in the point a little longer with her. Even tonight I felt whenever I was in the point, if I can get past those first three shots, you know, I felt competitive. So that's the difference.

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