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February 1, 2004

Nenad Zimonjic



Q. What does the trophy mean to you and the country you're coming from?

ELENA BOVINA: Well, I don't know if it means as much as, you know, to Nenad, that's for sure, because we have lot of players that bring all kinds of trophies. For me personally, it's great. I've been in the finals once of the Grand Slam of mixed doubles but never won. You know, it's just great to get a trophy. Doesn't matter if it's singles, doubles, mixed doubles. You know, it's first place. You know, just fantastic for me.

Q. The second set when you were leading 4-3, you lost, were you worried about it at that time?

ELENA BOVINA: What do you think, was I worried (laughter)? You know, I wasn't worried. I knew that we were like pretty much in control of the match. But they just played a great game. Maybe I didn't serve as great as I did in the previous games. But, you know, it's good that we stayed positive and we kept fighting. I mean, basically I knew if we would get to the tiebreak, we would win the match. You know, there was no doubt in my mind that we would finish the match. It was a matter of when we going to finish.

Q. In the future are you still going to play with Nenad?

ELENA BOVINA: Well, if he won't be against it, then we will probably play, yeah.

NENAD ZIMONJIC: So far perfect.


Q. Your next tournament is where?

ELENA BOVINA: I go to Europe, I play in France and Belgium, indoors.

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