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March 27, 2004

Jie Zheng


THE MODERATOR: Because English is not her first language, she will try to answer your questions. But if there is any confusion, she will go through her coach. First question, please.

Q. Could you talk about the match today, how you did.

JIE ZHENG: I think I played is good, but I serve is no good.

LIANH ZUO WANH: She serve so well. The baseline was okay.

Q. How was Venus compared to what you expected? How did Venus play?

JIE ZHENG: She serve -- I think she serve is good.

LIANH ZUO WANH: Venus had a little mistake today, the baseline. Have few mistakes.

Q. Were you trying to move Venus around the court?

LIANH ZUO WANH: "Around the court"?

Q. Side to side.

JIE ZHENG: Yes, I try.

Q. You're from Cheng Du?


Q. Do they still have violet globe street lights, purple street lights, the lights in the city? Did you know the tennis player Hu Na?

JIE ZHENG: Yes, yes, she from Cheng Du.

Q. Did you play with her?

JIE ZHENG: No, no. I am so young.

Q. Are you aware that Mao, Chairman Mao, was a tennis player?

JIE ZHENG: Oh, I don't know (laughing).

Q. Do you like Schezuan food?


Q. Hot, spicy?


Q. Did you feel nervous today?

JIE ZHENG (through translation): First set, and I have a little nervous.

Q. And then what happened after that?

LIANH ZUO WANH: A few the games, she have a good feeling. The speed is okay.

Q. Were you intimidated by Venus?


Q. Why?

THE MODERATOR: I think she asked if she was scared to play Venus.

LIANH ZUO WANH: The first time to Venus.

JIE ZHENG: Right. Venus? I think, yes.

Q. How big is tennis in China right now? How popular is tennis?

JIE ZHENG: No, no.

LIANH ZUO WANH: The biggest city, a lot of people play tennis. Only city.

Q. If it's not so popular, how did she become so good at it?

LIANH ZUO WANH: Because where she is student, she play tennis and start seven years old and on the team and now national team. So she have the chance to practice, go broader, take part in a tournament.

Q. Are you still in school?


Q. In university?

JIE ZHENG: Yeah, in Si Chuan.

Q. What are you studying?

JIE ZHENG (through translation): About the sports.

Q. Do you know that the basketball team here in Miami has the first Chinese player to play in the NBA.

JIE ZHENG: Yao Ming?

Q. Wang Zhizhi.

JIE ZHENG: Yes, I know.

Q. Would you ever have an occasion to meet him, or do you know other athletes?

LIANH ZUO WANH: She knows by the newspaper and TV. Never meet each other.

Q. What do you think of Yao Ming?

JIE ZHENG (through translation): He is a good player in China. Yao Ming is from Shanghai.

End of FastScripts….

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