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September 3, 1994

Richard Fromberg


Q. Richard, do you feel you let it slip away the first set?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yeah, played a great first set 15-40 first game of the second set and I didn't do anything wrong, but he played some good points, and then just I missed a smash at 30-All in the next game and made a couple errors, and then, you know, he got back in it, and I felt like if I had a break in that first game I could have kept it going, but when he broke me to go 2-Love up; then I thought he thought, you know, "I can win this." Made a big difference.

Q. Did you lose concentration after a while?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yeah, a little bit. I was a little bit up and down, and, you know, I just couldn't keep my momentum going. He was playing. Well, he wasn't missing anything and you had to really win the points to beat him and I didn't have -- my service wasn't quite really there. I wasn't hitting my forehand as well as I could have and that was a big difference.

Q. You seemed to get a bit angry in the third, fourth sets?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yes, I felt like I was always in the match, and the third set I was down 2-Love and I got back to a tiebreaker and just played a pretty poor tiebreaker. Missed three or four forehands, which I won't normally do, and I played great to get back in the set, and then it was hard to keep the concentration in the fourth set because of that. I played a couple. If I felt if I played a couple good points in the tiebreaker, I could have won the fourth.

Q. What happened in, I believe the second game of the fourth set, you missed a few shots, couple of unforced errors, some points, is that when you kind of -- your concentration, kind of went?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yeah, I was a little unhappy the way I played the tiebreaker. Probably cost me that game, actually.

Q. Really.

RICHARD FROMBERG: I really needed to get that out of my mind and get on with it. Because after the third set, I felt like I had a really good chance to win still, even though I lost because I was down two breaks and I got back in it to the tiebreaker, so, I thought to myself, yeah, I'm playing better, but early in the fourth set it was probably a little bit of a lapse concentrationwise.

Q. Was it hard for you to go to from-- at least what I deem a big win, David Wheaton this summer, to such an emotional victory over such a long match and playing a serve and volleyer to going from that to a baseline game of Reneberg, was it hard?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yeah, it was a little bit different, but I played a baseliner in my second round, Agenor and I played great, served one of the best matches I ever served and my service rhythm wasn't anywhere near as good today, but Richey has got great returns and you need to serve it really close to the line to get free points again him and perhaps I was counting a little too much on my serves at times.

Q. He said it was windy, do you think that threw the serve off a little bit?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yeah, a little bit. It was windy, and one side it was -- the wind kept blowing down the court. I was finding it hard to win games against the wind.

Q. Did you expect to win today?

RICHARD FROMBERG: I wasn't sure. I expected a tough match and I knew that I'd be out there for a long time if I was going to win. But, you know, I felt like I was going to have a really good chance, and I felt like I said, if I had a break in the first game of the second set, I would have won because I played such a good first set because if he got a break again, he would have thought, you know, do something different, but -- and I lost the second game, changed my momentum of the match.

Q. Did you think after the third set that maybe he would not be as hot as he was playing; did you think that he would hit kind of a lull or --

RICHARD FROMBERG: No, I thought he would -- first two games -- sorry, you said third set?

Q. After that breaker in the third.

RICHARD FROMBERG: First -- yeah, I thought the first few games of the fourth set he was going to be tough, not going to miss a ball. That was his really big chance to put me away and that's what he did. He didn't miss a ball, and I just didn't play enough good points to stay in the set early.

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