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September 7, 1992

Guy Forget


Q. Guy, after you were up 6-1, 6-1 in the third, what do you think happened?

GUY FORGET: Well, I don't really have an explanation. I was just playing well. He was kind of letting it slip away, and that kind of took atmosphere out of the match, and in the end he was so out of the match, in the end of the second, that even in the first game of the fourth, he broke me, and he kind of hit so loose and so bad, that made me drop my serve where I was really concentrating and in a good-- you know, I was winning game after game, after game, after game, and then he kind of, like you know, just went for the shots without playing with any-- I mean, he was not playing the points right, like he normally plays them. I was up 40-15 in that first game; you know, I should have never lost that first game. Then I broke him twice in that other set. So, you know, I had the feeling that I really had the match in the third set, and I started to serve bad, not as good as I did in the first two or three sets. That is where, I think I -- I start to give him some confidence back, where I was -- I was starting to play better than he was, and I mean, I think that was like the turning point of the match.

Q. So you are saying that he began to play a very risky style in the fourth and fifth?

GUY FORGET: Not at all. He just -- I mean, when you serve like he does, you lose 6-1, losing serve after serve after serve, I mean, he was just going for shots, but he was not -- I didn't have the feeling that he was really trying that much. When I broke him in the third set, I mean, I had the feeling like he played a third set like he had lost it already, and he was waiting just for the fourth set to come up. By the time this happened, I didn't play as good then, in the fourth, where I -- I mean, it is one easy volley, one easy forehand and then another one on the breakpoint. I should have been up 1-Love, and then I had the breakpoints; next game he was up 2-Love; then I broke him back; then I lost my serve again. Normally, breaking a guy like that once in a set is enough. Then I lost my serve. Not serving well enough. Once again, I can only blame myself. It is just my fault all the way. That is just how it happened.

Q. How well did he serve in the fifth set?

GUY FORGET: Really well. I didn't have much chances to return, especially start to get dark, so you don't see as well. The daylight, it is much easier to see the ball coming at you. And he made a lot of first serves. Few second serves he went for, served like 95 miles an hour on the second serve. Just no way I could attack his second serve or do something with it. Then he played really well in the end of fourth and the fifth set; then he played really well.

Q. He has won back-to-back five setters maybe when he should have lost to you and to Martin. When you see that kind of play, do you get any sense that he thinks he is on some sort of lucky role here that he can--

GUY FORGET: I think -- I mean, it is like you end up losing. Once you get lucky a little bit; then you win it in the second time again, you know it is tough to get out of these situations all the time, so--

Q. So you think it might catch up with him?

GUY FORGET: Well, you know, you cannot just -- you know, play with a vase crystal; just throwing it up in the air and one day it is going to break.

Q. Crystal?

GUY FORGET: Like a crystal.

Q. Vase?

GUY FORGET: Vase, if you throw it up in the air, you might drop it, and -- he played -- I watched his match against Martin for a while. He didn't play too well. Then he got back in the match. It was my fault that I did this stupid games in the fourth set, but maybe against a player like Jim, you know, if he just -- you know Jim wouldn't let that happen, maybe, so that would be -- that is too late to react.

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